Property Ownership Searches

A property ownership searches allow you to search for all properties owned by an individual or company.

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Common Searches

Property Ownership Searches

Property Ownership (PO) searches allow you to search for all properties owned by an individual or company. Through triSearch you can search in a specific state or nationally.

National Property Ownership

A National PO (NPO), is commonly ordered to find out property owned nationally by a company or individual. It is commonly used in Family Law matters but might also be needed when dealing with a bankruptcy or debt recovery matter.

The report includes the owners or company name, along with all properties owned in various states. If property isn’t owned in a certain state, the record will show ‘Nil Result’. An NPO will provide current and historical information for all states excluding VIC and QLD which will only return current information.

Using the national search, you can get a report that covers all states that an individual or company may own property in. Through other methods you can only order individual state searches to determine the property ownership. The national search has a turnaround time of only two hours.

Required Information
  • Matter Reference
  • Purpose for Search
  • Name of the Individual or company

Owner Name Search

If you only want to search one state, triSearch offers individual owner names searches. This search provides what properties a person currently owns or has previously owned in a certain state.

Required Information
  • Matter Reference
  • Full Name OR Company name

The user-friendly platform and helpful staff made switching to triSearch a breeze. Searches and Certificates come back faster and on the rare occasion I require the HelpDesk, they always seem to find a solution.

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