Electronic Conveyancing Solutions

Conduct your electronic conveyancing matters digitally with triSearch end-to-end solutions. Using one or all of these tools in your current process can significantly save you and your clients time. 

Conveyancers have access to electronic conveyancing tools.
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Easily and securely verify your clients identity from any location.

Access over 4,500 Searches across Property, Corporate & Personal matters.

Order, edit, compile and send  your contracts digitally with information pre-populating. 

Electronic signatures to execute documents faster and avoid the hassle of printing and posting.

Securely exchange documents and bank account details with clients & other parties. 

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Outsource your stamping, lodging and settlement admin to experienced agents.  

Conveyancer using electronic conveyancing tools.

The Electronic Conveyancing Process

triSearch offers a range of solutions that you can easily insert into your current workflow. All electronic conveyancing tools seamlessly integrate with triConvey and are available to all users.

Paperless Conveyancing with triConvey.

By adopting triConvey in your firm, you can easily turn your entire workflow paperless. 

Benefits of Electronic Conveyancing Tools

Using triSearch electronic conveyancing tools features a host of benefits for both you and your client. 

Intelligent Workflows

Transfrom your conveyancing process into one seamless workflow.

No-rekeying Data

Only type in data once, and then our tools will intuitively put it in the right place for future documents.

Save Time

Estimated to save 3.7 hours per transaction, if all the tools are implemented.

Paperless Office

Use these tools to start or progress your transition into a paperless office.

Cost Effective

Often cheaper than paper-based alternatives, you can save money for both your client and your firm.

User Experience

Faster and more user-friendly, these tools will help you settle quicker and delight your clients.

Manual conveyancing can be a waste of time for my clients, which is why I like using the conveyancing tools digitally. It saves time and is very easily organised. 

Imperior Conveyancing
Dr Gyanendra Regmi, Owner & Licensed Conveyancer