Legal Searching Platform

triSearch is a legal search provider that offers national searching information for a range of professionals.
With triSearch, you get an all-in-one search experience with a seamless platform, competitive price and market-leading service.


A seamless search experience for all your Property, Business and Personal information.

Integration into your software

Two-way integration into your Practice Management and eSettlement platforms.

Two-click contract compilation

Compile your Searches and other PDFs in two simple clicks, ready to send to clients.

Free account

All accounts are free to setup and hold with no hidden or ongoing fees.

Lowest price guaranteed

triSearch will beat any prices you’re being offered by a competitor.

One-touch fee summary

Never miss, or wear, a disbursement again with fee summaries in one click.

Dedicated Service & Support

Teams of support staff so you’re never waiting for a solution.


We’ve got you covered end-to-end on your electronic conveyancing.

Verification of Identity 

Easily and securely verify your clients identity from any location, in 10 simple steps, using our triVOI mobile app. Remove the manual process of scanning and physical filing, saving both time and money for your business.

You can download a free guide to triVOI here.

Electronic Contracts

triSearch provides the latest technology and services so that you can obtain everything that you need in a single location. You can order the following eContracts through triSearch: 

  • 2018 eCOS (NSW Law Society Contract for Sale of Land)
  • 2015 eCOS (NSW Law Society Contract for Sale of Business)
  • LIV Contract (Land Institute of Victoria)
  • Section 32 (Victoria Vendor Statement)

Electronic Signing

SignIT enables you to sign documents online in a few simple steps. It saves you time and money by allowing you to execute documents faster and avoid the hassle of printing, scanning and posting. We utilise the industry expert, DocuSign, to ensure a simple and secure signing process.

Access SignIT through your triSearch platform account. You can download a free guide here.

Electronic Settlements

Whether you’re already using eSettlements or are looking to make the transition, triSearch is here to help. Our search platform seamlessly integrates into PEXA and Sympli so you can take care of settlements in a few clicks.

We also have a team on-hand that can undertake electronic lodgements and settlements on your behalf.

Integration partners

We integrate into a number of practice management systems, PEXA and Sympli (coming soon!).

Since making the move to triSearch we have saved our clients thousands of dollars in disbursements and put countless hours back into our day.”

Peter Gajanovic, Director
Victorian Statewide Conveyancing

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