Electronic Signing

Electronic signatures to execute documents faster and avoid the hassle of printing, scanning and posting.

Woman using triSign.
Man using triSign integrations.

What is triSign?

triSign enables you to sign documents online in a few simple steps and is accessible by all triSearch account holders. It utilises the industry expert, DocuSign, to ensure a simple and secure signing process.

What can be signed? 

Any document that has the ability to be signed electronically can be signed. Below are some popular documents:

  • 2019 Contract for the Sale & Purchase of Land (NSW)
  • Section 32 Statement (VIC)
  • Contract of Sale of Real Estate (VIC)

How does triSign work?

triSign has been built to make it as easy as possible for you to sign documents and get signatures from your clients. 

Complete in 3 simple steps:

1. Upload Document

Upload any document into the platform.

2. Tag Documents

Add signee tags where you would like your clients to sign or initial.

3. Send Document

Send the document, directly from the platform to your clients. They will be notified via email.

To see the complete 5-step process, read this free user guide.

A seamless integration with triConvey.

triSign seamlessly integrates with Practice Management System, triConvey, making it even easier for you and your clients to sign documents electronically. 

triSign Features

triSign has a host of features of benefits for both you and your client. 

Easy upload

Easily upload any Word document or PDF into triSign for signing.

Track signatures

All outstanding documents and signatures are tracked on an easy-to-read dashboard.

Real-time notifications

You and your clients will be notified in real-time via email once a document is signed.

triSign saves my clients time and makes it easy for those who are remote. It is also very affordable.

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Kristie Krainz, Principal Lawyer