Electronic Settlement

triSearch utilises industry expert, SettleIT, to help you outsource your stamping, lodgement, and settlement admin. 

What is SettleIT?

Let triSearch act on your behalf to complete your electronic settlements and lodgements. We will complete all the administrative roles of the settlement while you continue to approve everything and provide professional services to your client.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide market-leading technology for our clients, triSearch leverages the SettleIT platform. The service is available directly through the triSearch platform, for all clients to access.

How SettleIT Works

1. Create order

Create an order and upload the required documents.

2. SettleIT to set up workspace

Sit back and let SettleIT create the ELNO workspace, prepare the transfer, attend to stamping, contact authorities and calculate adjustments.

3. Settlement

Receive real-time status updates and track the status of your order on the platform. You will be notified immediately once settlement takes place and all relevant documents will be uploaded for your records.

State Specfic Workflows

A Seamless Integration with triConvey.

SettleIT seamlessly integrates with Practice Management System, triConvey, making it even easier for you to stamp, lodge and settle. 

SettleIT Benefits


Check the status of your settlements at a glance, using the Dashboard.

Real-time Notifications

Be notified in real time via email and messages as your settlement progresses through key stages.


Our agents comply with all ARNECC requirements when acting on your behalf.

Outsourcing settlements was a huge stress relief and cost-saving for us. We use triSettle to handle overflow and it saves us hiring a full-time staff member. 

Confident Conveyancing
Raylene Varone, Principal Conveyancer