Software to create time.

triConvey is a practice management software built for conveyancers. With powerful integrated tools and automations, triConvey creates time for users so they can focus on the things that are important to them. Below are a list of features and benefits available to all triConvey users. 


triConvey all in one conveyancing solution integration
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Matter Management

Manage your conveyancing matters from one location. 

Tasks & Workflows

Customisable tasks and workflows for your matters. 

Forms & Precedents

Create automated documents within seconds. 

Communicate App

Communicate easily & securely with clients. 

Contract Preparation Tools

Edit, compile, and send contracts in the platform. 

Billing & Trust Accounting 

Disbursements, invoices and a built-in Trust Account tool.

Settlement Financial Tools

Calculator for automatic settlement adjustments. 

Integrations and Connections

The seamless integrations built into triConvey. 

Reporting & Insights

Access & build unique reports & dashboards.

Cloud-Based Software

Flexibility to work online or offline, from any location.

On-the-go Access

Accessing key matter information on any device. 

Intake Solutions

Generate forms for your clients to fill out, that populate your matters. 

Productivity pack

Built for conveyancers image

triConvey is built for conveyancers.

triConvey is the “out of the box” solution for conveyancing software, with an extensive precedent library, end-to-end eConveyancing, and practice management tools.


Productivity Pack

The productivity pack is a set of advanced add-ons for triConvey. These are designed to boost the productivity of all users and drive growth in your firm. Click through to find out more.

practice management software Integrations illustration

One system, completely integrated

The system expertly improves your digital connectivity to reduce time spent on repetitive administration, data re-entry and reduces the risk of errors.

Key integrations include:

Populate matter data into triSearch platform, with fulfilled orders captured automatically back into triConvey.
Letters & Forms

Microsoft Word and Outlook integration to make your Conveyance efficient and organised.

Billing & Invoicing
Integrated accounting software including MYOB, and Xero, means all costs are captured automatically.
Populate matter data seamlessly into electronic verification of identity, signing, and contract tools, as well as PEXA/Sympli, and more.

triConvey benefits

triConvey is built to benefit all users, including features for supporting business growth, employee transparency and efficiency conveyancing workflows.

Powerful Software

triConvey includes powerful features to help you conduct your matters and delight your clients.

Next Generation Integration

Seamless integrations with other programs and systems to streamline your workflows.

Cloud Based

The flexibility to work from any location and both online/offline regardless of internet connectivity.

Content Library

A range of Forms and Precedents created for you by our Content Team, available for use anytime.

$0 Software

Access triConvey for $0 when you conduct your Searches through triSearch.


Set up customised workflows and matters to suit your firms needs and processes.

triConvey Cloud Based Image

Cloud-based software

triConvey is a cloud-based practice management software, so you can continue working despite being offline or when experiencing connectivity issues.

The transition into triConvey was easy. As soon as I saw the software, I knew it was the program for me.

Alexis Conveyancing
Carmela Alexis, Principal & Licensed Conveyancer