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Intake Solutions

Intake solutions are customisable digital forms that allow conveyancers to convert more leads into clients and to onboard those clients faster. Intake solutions are available to all triConvey users that are subscribed to the productivity pack


MatterFlow is a practice-area specific matter intake solution designed to streamline the process of handling new matters while eliminating unnecessary administrative tasks. By swiftly gathering all client information and automatically syncing it to the corresponding matter in triConvey, MatterFlow accelerates your workflow.

Rapid client information acquisition

Obtain all necessary client details quickly, reducing delays in matter initiation.

Seamless integration with triConvey

Seamless integration with triConvey: automatically sync client information to the appropriate matter within triConvey, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Customisable intake forms

Customisable intake forms: Tailor intake forms to gather specific information relevant to your practice area, enhancing precision and relevance.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows: Streamline your intake process by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more valuable endeavors.

With MatterFlow, expedite your matter intake process and devote more time to serving your clients effectively.


LeadPro is a client intake solution designed to enhance your firm’s professional image while minimising administrative tasks associated with lead management. With LeadPro, you’re capturing crucial information about prospects and leads effortlessly. 
Customised follow-up client intake forms
Tailor forms to capture the right information, aiding in assessing lead suitability.
Intuitive dashboards
Keep your intake process fluid with real-time updates on inquiry statuses and lead counts.
Comprehensive lead management reporting
Track wins and losses to determine your firm’s best-fit clients, supported by robust reporting capabilities.
Integrated automation
Say goodbye to redundant data entry as automated forms seamlessly integrate with your firm’s workflows.

LeadPro simplifies your client intake process, allowing you to focus on converting prospects into satisfied clients.

Benefits of Intake Forms

Branded & customisable

Intake forms that you can brand, customize, and embed on your website, email or even online ads.

Reduce admin & errors

Pre-automated forms that are integrated with your triConvey, populating matters & workflows in realtime.

Client experience

Create a great first interaction or ongoing client experience by sending clients digital Intake forms.

We’re able to work on our processes and systems with triConvey to ensure we all have a good work/life balance while improving our workflows.

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