The company, the team and our values. Here is the triSearch story.

The triSearch story

In 2018, Lawyers had a choice between low-cost search providers with outdated technology or expensive providers with premium technology. Seeing a gap here, our CEO Taylah Allen created triSearch to meet the needs of lawyers looking for a quality search platform at low prices.

This was achieved by leveraging existing technology in the market, rather than developing it ourselves. The money saved on the development and maintenance of software was passed on to our clients in the form of low-cost searches. With this model in mind, Taylah was able to start building out the business, starting in February of 2018, growing it into what it is today.

The Company

triSearch is Australia’s fastest growing low-cost search provider with over 4,500 legal and conveyancing Searches nationally. We provide access to Titles, Certificates, ASIC, PPSR and more through a market-leading platform, at the industries best prices.

Our goal is to create loyal clients, not one-time users. We understand the lifetime value of a client and we know by keeping our costs down and service high, we will build that loyalty.

Our Core Values

We care about the success of our clients

Our clients are at the forefront of everything we do. As we grow, we want out clients to grow with us.

We operate and deliver with integrity

We strive to make every interaction with triSearch a positive one.

We value a supportive and high performance culture

We place equal importance on performance and workplace culture. Working hard and positive energy go hand-in-hand here at triSearch.


Taylah Allen is a seasoned veteran in the world of legal search, starting her career at one of the industry leading firms in the legal-technology space. It was here that Taylah identified a potential gap in the market whereby a quality product could be offered at a more affordable price point, especially for the SME practitioners. And thus triSearch was born.

Since it’s inception, Taylah has led triSearch with passion, knowledge and drive. She works hard to ensure her team and clients get the best possible experience from triSearch.

Start-up of the year Award finalist 2020

We are proud to announce that triSearch was named a finalist in the 2020 MyBusiness Awards in the ‘Start up business of the year award’ category. Our CEO, Taylah Allen explains that “when you have a product that clients value, operate with integrity and put the right people in place, success is bound to happen. The team here at triSearch is the biggest reason for our success, along with the loyalty shown from our clients”.