Land Tax Clearance Certificate

A Land Tax Clearance Certificate presents how much land tax is due and unpaid on a property or parcel of land.

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Land Tax Clearance Certificate

The Land Tax Clearance Certificate (LTCC) or Property Clearance certificate presents how much land tax is due and unpaid on a property or parcel of land. In Victoria, this isn’t a compulsory inclusion into your section 32 however this certificate protects a purchaser from any outstanding land tax liability by the previous owner.

This certificate details:

  • Land Tax owning for the year in which the application was made.
  • Outstanding liabilities from prior years.

Land tax needs to be paid by the seller prior to land being settled.

You can find out more about the Certificate through the State Revenue Office of Victoria, Revenue NSW and the Queensland Government.

There are two types of section 10.7 planning/clearance certificates, 10.7 (2) and 10.7 (2) & (5). A Section 10.7 (2) & (5) provides the same information as the 10.7 (2) but also provides additional information that council may be aware of. This includes advice from other authorities, development approvals and policies and contributions plans that may apply to the parcel of land. Both the 10.7 (2) and (5) are available through triSearch.

The information is sourced from the relevant council, where the property is located. You can view all the councils in NSW here.

Required Information
  • Matter Reference
  • Volume/Folio
  • Purchaser Details
    • Settlement Date
Sample Result (PDF)

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