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triSettle receives 12 benefit upgrade at no extra cost

trisettle upgrade includes 12 changes.

triSettle receives the ultimate upgrade with an extended offering of 12 exclusive features a conveyancer or property lawyer will benefit from when using the eConveyancing tool.  

The move comes as triSearch research and development continues to focus on improving the conveyancing workflow to allow practitioners more time to improve and build client relationships and take on more matters than ever before. 

I believe practitioners who utilise these services will obtain more flexibility in their workflow. 

Our mission is to support the conveyancing industry in every aspect. It is our hope to build a future where we can work in tandem with Conveyancers while you complete your workflow. 

Therefore, our research and development is centred around complimenting your workflow. We want to ensure the longevity of the industry and our clients, not replace them.  

The upgrade to our triSettle platform is just the latest in the transformation of conveyancing tech solutions. Allowing you to focus on building your business and customer relations. 

triSettle Upgrades

The 12 upgraded benefits to using triSettle have been added at no extra cost to the Conveyancer. All benefits include:  

  1. We conduct a Verification of Identity (VOI) on your client(s) 
  1. We complete the Client Authorisation Form (CAF) 
  1. We set up the ELNO workspace and invite all parties 
  1. We order Council and Water Rates Certificates (if not already ordered by you) 
  1. We prepare the Transfer and Statement of Adjustment 
  1. We attend to any stamping 
  1. We hold funds in our Trust Account 
  1. We undertake a Title Activity Check 
  1. We lodge GST property settlement forms with the ATO 
  1. We send the post settlement communications including an SMS on completion 
  1. We draft the order on the real estate agent 
  1. We send a SMS to the real estate agent on completion of settlement 

To create a more efficient conveyancing workflow, the triSettle platform is also integrated with practice management software, triConvey.

To see the integration and more, book a live viewing of the platform with our experts or download our 4-minute demonstration

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