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The powerful $0 triConvey practice management software with integrated Searching & eConveyancing tools. It is the all-in-one solution for Conveyancers.

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The all-in-one Powerful Practice Management Software Solution

All the tools you need to conduct a matter from end-to-end, within one platform. 

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Integrated Searching

triConvey’s powerful conveyancing practice management software gives you access to all the benefits of an integrated search platform and features Next Generation Search platform Integration


Searches are pre-populated, results and fees are saved back to your matter.


Edit and compile your contracts without leaving the platform.


30% faster certificate return times with our proactive chasing team.

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triConvey Benefits

$0 Software

Access triConvey for $0 when you conduct your Searches through triSearch.


triConvey includes powerful features to help you conduct your matters and delight your clients.


A range of Forms & Precedents created for you by our Content Team, available for use anytime.

Cloud based

The flexibility to work from any location and both online/offline regardless of internet connectivity.

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Access $0 triConvey powerful conveyancing practice management software, integrated searching and eConveyancing tools with this all-in-one solution.


triConvey’s Next Generation Integration

Through the triConvey Conveyancing Practice Management Software, you have access to our Next Generation Integration. This is the most advanced integration available in the conveyancing market.

Order Searches, Conduct a VOI and have documents electronically signed without leaving the triConvey platform. All information is mapped seamlessly both ways.

Simply tick ‘Order Title’ when you’re creating a NSW Sale Matter in triConvey. The Title Search will be ordered and the Property & Vendor information will be automatically populated into your Matter card. The cost of that Title Search is also added to your Matter, ready for invoicing or reporting.

triConvey will recognise if your client requires a VOI and will give you the option to order one via triVOI from within the Matter. All client information will be pre-populated in the VOI, saving you the hassle and risk of re-keying it.

Within triConvey, you can right-click any document and select ‘Send to DocuSign’. This will open the document in triSign, allow you to tag it and send it directly to your clients or other party for signing. As it’s signed, you are notified and the document is automatically stored within the Matter.

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triConvey’s App Integrations

triConvey seamlessly integrates with other programs and systems to streamline your workflows. When all systems are talking to each other, it reduces the amount of time spent doing repetitive admin and significantly reduces the risk of clerical errors. 

triConvey partners with Pexa
triConvey partners with Adobe.
triConvey Free Conveyancing Software partners with myob.
Conveyancing Software integrations partners with Xero.
triConvey Conveyancing Software Integration partners with Word
triConvey Free Conveyancing Software Integrationpartners with Outlook.

How does triConvey compare?

triConvey brings powerful $0 Software and Integrated Searching under one roof. We utilise Australia’s most popular conveyancing software and a market-leading search platform, giving Conveyancers access to powerful technology with a host of time-saving and money-saving features. The triConvey software is $0 when you conduct your searches through triSearch.

Check out this comparison table to see how triConvey stacks up against other conveyancer practice management systems.

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triConvey FAQs

Yes! The triConvey practice management software is available for $0 when you conduct your searches through the triSearch integration. 

Yes. Through the integration with triSearch, you have access to triVOI, eCOS, triSign and triSettle when you use triConvey. All information is mapped into the tools from your matter and mapped back into triConvey once complete. 

Yes, Billing & Trust Accounting is included with triConvey at no extra cost, along with all the other features advertised. 

triConveys hybrid cloud-based system with live data syncing allows for unlimited cloud storage while still allowing local computer access. This is especially beneficial if you need to obtain important data without an internet connection, which is great if you’re on the go, travelling or working regionally with bad internet connections.

Your data is also far safer with a reputable cloud provider than on a server in your office. This is extremely important when taking into consideration the escalation of cybercrime

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triConvey is the all-in-one solution for Conveyancers. Operating nationally, triConvey is a powerful $0 Practice Management Software with Integrated Searching & eConveyancing tools.

triConvey is $0 when you conduct your searches through triSearch. 

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