Start 2023 with one software that does it all - triSearch

Start 2023 with one software that does it all

Start 2023 with triConvey, the one software that does it all.

The new year can be celebrated with triSearch solution, award-winning conveyancing software, triConvey, one software that does it all.

With 2023 around the corner, now is a great time to start reviewing your technology suppliers and doing your due diligence on what’s available to your firm.

The ‘out of the box’ solution combines Australia’s most popular conveyancing software, Smokeball, market leading Search platform, eConveyancing tools, and many more key stakeholder integrations.

 triConvey was built with conveyancers in mind and designed to automate so many of the clerical and admin-based conveyancing tasks.

Powerful conveyancing software integrations

As part of triConvey’s integrations, you’ll have access to our eConveyancing tools, including Verification of Identity with triVOI, electronic Contracts (eCOS), electronic signature with triSign (leveraged with DocuSign) and electronic settlement with triSettle (leveraged with free PEXA workspace integration).

One of the more popular features is the advancements we’ve made in electronic contract functionality.

Once you have ordered all the necessary due diligence for your matter, the integration with triSearch allows you to order your Section 32 (or equivalent state-by-state due diligence searches), with fields pre-populated from your searches.

Within the platform you can make live changes to the contract, reorder pages and import any documents such as special conditions.

Once ready, you can simply save the file, compress it, and rename it. Emailing the finished document internally or to a third party.

The contract is automatically saved back to the matter, along with any correspondence from the client or third party.

Seamless workflow integrations

triConvey also has a few other key integrations designed specifically to enhance your workflow. The first is our integration with PEXA workspace.

Having the ability to enter a safe and secure process for your clients with all your matter details auto populated into PEXA is especially important as it saves time by not having to re-key everything which you would have to do if you were to enter the workspace through PEXA directly.

Our integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 is also a popular feature as all correspondence from your emails link to a specific matter. This is a big time-saver, and helps to keep you organised and moving quickly.

This Office 365 integration is also a major advantage when it comes to forms & precedents. triConvey has pre-built templates that can be custom designed for you and your firm, with your watermark and branding.

For practices which use standardised letters and forms, having the luxury of clicking once, and opening up a pre-populated Word document which automatically saves back to the matter, is a very popular feature.

Award-winning conveyancing Software offer

Through the strong partnership with Smokeball which combines Software and Search under one roof, triSearch is able to offer triConvey for $0 as we see the loyalty from your Searches.

In other words, you continue to pay nothing for this powerful software if you conduct your due diligence searches with us.

By doing so, you get access to that next generation integration, not only saving you money but saving you a lot of admin-time.

As long as your firm continues to search through the integration, triConvey will continue to be $0.

Start the new year the right way, by gifting yourself award-winning conveyancing software, book a free demonstration today.

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