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The Verification of Identity tool to easily and securely verify your clients identity from any location.

A web-based Verification of Identity (VOI) solution

triVOI is a web based verification of identity solution that allows you to easily and securely verify the identity of your clients. 

Using triVOI, you can conduct your verifications face-to-face or remotely with the option for live video chat or a video recording. triVOI will prompt your clients to upload relevant documents and can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. It is a cost effective and easy way to verify your clients.

triVOI utilises the industry-expert DocuSign to ensure that all Verifications are secure. Follow the link to find out more about triVOI Security

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Verification of Identity triVOI how it works

How does triVOI work?

triVOI has been built with your client in mind. Simply log in, start a new VOI and follow the workflow to send it to your client. 

There are 2 options for verification:

To see the complete 8-step verification process, check out this free user guide.

triVOI through Integration

When you use triVOI through the triConvey Software, you gain access to additional benefits. 

triVOI through triConvey uses next generation technology that helps protect you and your firm against threats of fraud. 

Ready to get started with triVOI?

Features of triVOI

Cost Effective

triVOI is competitively priced and can be passed on as a disbursement.

Remote Verification

With the option to conduct Verification of Identity remotely, you can verify from the comfort of your own home or office.

VOI Report

Report is returned within minutes and available from your dashboard or via email.

Smartphone Friendly

triVOI is mobile-friendly for both you and the clients you are verifying.


No app or software download is required. triVOI can be accessed from any location via a web-browser.

Facial Detection

Facial detection software is used within the video call, recording and photos.


This report is available for download by clicking a secure link in the triSearch platform and entering a security code which is emailed to you. See the ‘Viewing your results’ section of this guide for the step-by step process.

triVOI offers two different options for VOI, based off the requirements your verification needs:

  • Conveyancing – the conveyancing workflow for triVOI works off the ARNECC requirements for VOI, ensuring a category is met in order to complete the VOI.
  • 100 Points – this option uses the points-based system for VOI and requires 100 points to complete the VOI.
  • Settlements – If our Settlement team are completing your settlement for you, there are specific requirements for the VOI; please select this method.

Due to the sensitivity and privacy requirements surrounding the collection and storage of identity documents, triSearch will never email copies of the full report. To obtain the full report you will need to download it using a secure link and security code.

When your client is uploading their documents, they will be prompted to record themselves saying a code that appears on screen. When you receive the VOI to review, it will include the video and the code that was on screen for you to verify.

When you are reviewing the documents submitted by your client, you will be prompted to send them a link to start a video call. You take a screenshot during this call to add to the VOI report as evidence of the call.