Electronic Contract of Sale (eCOS) for the Sale & Purchase of land.

Electronic Contracts

Order your Electronic Contracts through triSearch. Information from your Title Search will automatically be mapped into your contract, saving you the hassle of re-keying it and reducing the risk of error. You also have the ability to edit, compile and sign your contracts without leaving the platform.
  • 2019 eCOS (NSW Land Society Contract for Sale of Land)
  • 2015 eCOS (NSW Law Society Contract for Sale of Business)


  • LIV Contract (Land Institute Victoria)
  • Section 32 (Victoria Vendor Statement)
eCOS example contract
eCOS save example

The eCOS process


Order your eCOS

After ordering your title search, you will be prompted to select an eContract.


Edit & Rearrange

Edit fields related to your matter directly within the platform. Import any additional documents and drag-and-drop to rearrange.


Compile & send

In two clicks you can compile a compressed Contract, ready to send for signing.

Ready to get started with eCOS?

Benefit of eCOS

No re-keying of data

Information will pull from your Title Search to save you the hassle and risk of re-keying it.

Smart PDFs

Edit, import and rearrange documents within the platform without needing to print or scan.

Version control

Easily make changes online at any time, with one true version.


Searches appear in order of the contract and disbursements and results are captured instantly in real time.

Import function

Add in additional documents such as Special Conditions and easily rearrange.

Two-click compiling

Compile a contract, and other PDF’s, in two clicks reducing the need to physically print.


The Law Society recommends that you do not use prior editions of the Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land.

The 2019 Edition addresses the residential off the plan reforms which, amongst other things, change the statutory cooling off notice on page 5 of the Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land. The residential off the plan reforms are implemented by the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Amendment Regulation 2019, most provisions of which commence on 1 December 2019, except important transitional provisions regarding cooling off notices, which commence on publication.

Yes, you can import your own contracts into the system but you miss out on the benefits that come with ordering it through triSearch. 

These include not having to re-key information and being able to edit fields within the platform.

Once you have completed your Title Search in NSW or VIC, you will be taken to a screen to order any Property Certificates. Here you will be able to tick any Contracts you would like to purchase for the matter. 

Yes, once the contract is ordered matter information will automatically be mapped from your title search. You can review and edit any of these fields without leaving the platform.