triSearch launches triVOI as a web based VOI solution  - triSearch

triSearch launches triVOI as a web based VOI solution 

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Previously a mobile app, triVOI is a web-based verification of identity (VOI) solution that allows you to verify the identity of your clients easily and securely. 

Using triVOI, you can conduct your verifications face-to-face with your clients, or send them a link to complete it remotely. The intuitive workflow will guide your clients through the necessary documentation they need to upload, ensuring they comply with ARNECC guidelines.

A verification costs less than $10 and can be passed be on as a disbursement. 

Is the triVOI mobile app still available?

The mobile app will be removed from the App store on July 1st. If you are currently using the App, your pending verifications will be available through the triSearch platform. From June 1st, you will not be able to start a new VOI from the App.

For new Verifications, simply log on to the triSearch platform using the same credentials and select ‘triVOI’ from the home screen quicklinks or national menu. The web version will have a similar, easy-to-use workflow with some user-friendly additions such as video recording options.

Methods of VOI

In person – this option allows you to use your phone or computer to complete the VOI when you are verifying your client face-to-face.

Remote – the remote option allows you to initiate the VOI and send a secure link to your client for them to provide the documents unassisted, for you to review and complete the VOI.

Both methods can be completed on a computer or a phone, whichever is preferred by your clients.

The benefits of a web-based VOI solution

By using triVOI through the website, you will see a host of benefits, including:

  • No requirement for you or clients to download any apps or software
  • The option for your clients to submit a video recording or conduct a live video call
  • Facial recognition software for photos and documents
  • The ability to verify foreign investors located overseas 
  • A shorter and easier workflow for you and your clients. 

How to use triVOI?


  1. Log into triVOI
  2. Clients will upload their documentation
  3. Download the VOI report

For more detail you can view the triVOI userguide, which you can share with your clients if they have questions.

More information on VOI

If you would like more information about the web-based triVOI, you can visit our websitedownload this user guide or get in touch via our enquiry form. 

To get started using triVOI, simply leave your details and we’ll be in touch to get you set up.

triSearch is proud to launch triVOI as a web based VOI solution. 

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