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triConvey: all the bells and whistles

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With the launch of triConvey earlier this month, we wanted to take a deeper dive into what the new powerful $0 conveyancing software is, and all the bells and whistles that comes with it. 

It would be remiss not to outline the overarching benefits of our all-in-one solution, triConvey. Which include: 

  • $0 software – you can Access triConvey for $0 when you conduct your searches through triSearch. 
  • It’s powerful – triConvey includes powerful features to help you conduct your matters and service your clients faster. 
  • Content – A range of Forms and Precedents created for you by our Content Team, available for use anytime. 
  • Cloud based – The flexibility to work from any location and both online/offline regardless of internet connectivity. 

That is only the tip of the ice burg as we look at triConvey a little deeper, it includes 10 key elements which can significantly improve your business, these include: 

Improved workflow: 

  • Automated tasks and reminders for workflows. 
  • Integration with Outlook, triSearch, MicrosoftAdobeXero & MYOB Integrations. 
  • Generate custom, pre-populated forms and precedents in seconds.  

Improved matter management: 

  • All related matter files stored in one place. 
  • Cloud based tech allowing flexibility to WFH and the office. 
  • Built in calculator technology to make settlement adjustments as they happen. 
  • Billing and trust accounting improves efficiency for all users, billers and bookkeepers. 

Improved operations: 

  • Internal communications tool within the platform makes for easier staff collaboration. 
  • Unlimited training and support from the triSearch team in both software and search needs. 
  • Track all activities for accurate insights into firm profitability. 

What’s our favourite aspect? 

In addition to all the bells and whistles, if you were to ask our new national sales manager Mitchell Burge what he loves about triConvey, he would say: “It is how the software is all about our clients and the success of their business, specifically through its integrations. 

“It’s the next generation integration, which is currently the most advanced integration available in the conveyancing market. You can order searches, conduct a VOI and have documents electronically signed without leaving the triConvey platform. All information is mapped seamlessly both ways,” Burge added. 

If that wasn’t enough, saving time and reducing human error also just got a lot easier with triConvey seamlessly integrating with other programs and systems to simplify your workflows. When all systems communicate to each other, it reduces the amount of time spent doing repetitive admin and significantly reduces the risk of clerical errors. 

It’s important to us that you see all of these features first hand so book a demo or contact us today to start utilising the conveyancing market’s best integrated platform. For more information on triConvey, download our complimentary information pack.

Burge will also be conducting a webinar demonstration later this year which is available for registrations now, taking you through all things triConvey and how you can best utilise the platform to save time in every matter. 

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