triConvey launched as next-gen solution - triSearch

triConvey launched as next-gen solution

triConvey software solution

has partnered with proven software provider Smokeball to create an all-in-one conveyancing solution, triConvey. 

triConvey gives conveyancers the combination of software, search and eConveyancing tools. It’s the seamless integration of Australia’s most popular conveyancing software, Smokeball, with triSearch’s leading search technology.  

The most exciting part for Conveyancers is that this market-leading product is available for a remarkable $0 when you continue using triSearch to conduct your due diligence and property searches.  

The move to introduce complimentary software comes after valued customer feedback placed an importance for further integration within the triSearch platform, making it a top priority for triSearch CEO, Taylah Allen

“This partnership came about from an understanding of the importance of integration between software and search in the conveyancing market and we’re delighted to be working with Smokeball to bring Conveyancers this exciting offer,” Allen said. 

For Smokeball CEO, Hunter Steele, partnering with triSearch allows its customers the best solution in the market, adding: “We want our licensed conveyancers to have the best specialist expertise, and this partnership creates a whole sector focus for them.

“Our rapid growth across the small law sector doesn’t allow for that, so we are delighted to create a business that gives them this hyper focused approach,” Steele said. 

“If you are a licensed conveyancer, triConvey is the product for you. If you are a law firm that provides conveyancing services among other services, Smokeball continues to be the product of choice in the Australian market.” 

Additionally, triSearch has also created a dedicated support team to service both search and software enquiries, all within the same 10-minute response time its customer service has become renown for.  

triConvey is a unique offering, it gives you access to Australia’s most popular Conveyancing Software solution for $0 and integrates it with the best search technology available in the market. To find out how you can leverage the best service for your conveyancing needs, contact us today. 

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