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Must-have auto-time tracking for property lawyers

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Auto-time tracking application to your business could be an essential time management tool that can help your business become more organised and efficient.

Especially when that tool has intuitive functions designed to sync to your workflow and integrates with your Software.  

Simply put, a time tracking tool will save you and your company precious time – and money. For Property Lawyers that work off billables, triConvey’s Auto-Time tool can be particularly helpful.

triConvey’s automatic time tracking technology, revolutionises the profitability of your firm, across both your time billed and your fixed fee matters. For your fixed fee work, triConvey Auto-Time will show you which matters, and clients are profitable and show opportunities where you should focus your time on.

Everything you and your staff do within triConvey, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook is timed, tracked, and associated with the appropriate matter automatically. It services your needs in three main benefits, which include:

  • Never Miss a Billable Minute – With our live tracking, you will never miss a billable moment.
  • No Manual Work – With our tracking, we will log everything for you. No need to manually enter in your time sheets.
  • Profitability Analysis – Gain insights into your business to enable you to optimise your profitability.

So, how does triConvey Auto-time work?

Auto-Time tracks all the time you work on each matter, starting and pausing timers, detecting when your mouse has gone idle, for all staff on all matters. This includes all the time spent in Microsoft Word generating documents, drafting and reading emails in Microsoft Outlook, creating file notes, and attending meetings and court.

It then creates your time entries for you, complete with detailed descriptions, on your time billed work. You will have the ability to edit the time on these entries and make them non-billable if necessary.

The tool also offers firm insights and reporting, with the automatic time tracking enabling triSearch to show your firm the profitability of your fee earners, your practice areas, and your individual clients and matters, no matter whether the work is time billed or fixed fee, based off data collected from your staff’s workflow.

Auto-Time Tracking for Fixed Fee

Fixed-fee property lawyers can now see where time is being spent and the true cost of performing the work for each client. 

Advise your clients and manage their expectations based on real data. Additionally, learn from past fixed-fee data to appropriately staff similar matters moving forward. Whether it’s staffing adjustments or actual adjustments to your fixed fees, let triConvey help navigate this difficult territory.

More information on the practical uses of triConvey and its auto-time tracking are found via the website or by booking a demonstration.

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