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Cyber Security & Conveyancing: How to keep your transactions secure

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About this webinar

triSearch  |  August 24, 2022  |  0.5 Hour

In this 30-minute online Webinar, hear from Securexchange National Manager, Badr Khabbaz on the cyber threats currently impacting Conveyancers. Badr highlights the different threats, talk through a case study and showcase how Securexchange can safeguard your firm.

You also hear from triConvey National Sales Manager, Mitchell Burge, on how our partnership with Securexchange provides value to triConvey clients, as well as how easy it can be to access the solution through the triConvey Software.

Areas covered:

  • Cyber threats in the industry and prevention
  • Secure workflow options for transacting with clients & other parties
  • Securexchange integration available.

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