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Tech strategies for conveyancing success: Navigating systems, softwares and ChatGPT

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About this webinar

Thursday 7th September |  12:00PM – 12:30PM AEDT | 0.5 CPD

Digital conveyancing has advanced at an unprecedented rate in recent years.

With any new advancement in technology, efficiencies and productivity is an ongoing professional development area.

In this 30-minute webinar, licensed conveyancer, business coach, and founder of Do It Your Way, Fiona Eastwood, will be taking attendees through strategies for efficiently transitioning your business into the digital age, ways for building paperless conveyancing workflows, and the technology available to advance your business.

About Fiona:
Fiona Eastwood is an experienced expert in digital conveyancing and business success, having started her own successful firm, Impero Conveyancing, later going on to start an additional coaching business, Do It Your Way.

Do It Your Way was born to educate and train entrepreneurs in the early stages of the business lifecycle. By filling this gap of knowledge, business owners can have peace of mind, be better prepared, and help ensure success.

Fiona’s expertise lies in her personal experiences and efficiencies in developing strategies for success in paperless conveyancing transitions, sales, marketing, advertising, how to deal with those difficult clients, how to network despite reluctancy, and more.

Fiona will be joined by triSearch marketing manager, Matthew Tarabay, who will be discussing the potential of AI and other tech to enhance your business, streamline workflows, and transition from paper-based systems to cutting-edge tech-driven solutions.

Areas covered in this webinar:

  • Understanding Paperless Transition Strategies
  • Understanding Challenges & Solutions for Conveyancing Digitisation
  • Understanding AI & Other Technologies


Who is this for:

  • Conveyancers looking to learn more about digital conveyancing transition.
  • Conveyancers interested in what challenges lie ahead and how to overcome them.
  • Conveyancers wanting to learn how AI and other tech can enhance their workflow.

Registration is free and all attendees will receive 0.5 CPD point.

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