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Building the right conveyancing message in your marketing campaign

A good conveyancing message is crucial in marketing.

It is always good marketing practice to establish which mediums you’re going to market to, however, establishing what is included in the conveyancing message is as equally important. Building the content for your marketing is a difficult task.  

As a conveyancing firm, there should be a balance between product, education, and what can help differentiate your firm from others.  

Often enough, the best conveyancing message can be a simple explanation on what a conveyancer is, and why people need one. The following are some marketing ideas to incorporate into your conveyancing message.  

What is the Service? 

While someone buying or selling may know they need a conveyancer during the process, they don’t necessarily know what their exact role is. Explaining what you do using as little jargon as possible. For example, this could include reasons why they need one and what they’ll do to help during the process: 

Use a conveyancer when: 

  • buying or selling land 
  • updating a title  
  • subdividing land 
  • registering, changing or removing an easement  

They will help you with: 

  • Arranging building and pest inspections 
  • Checking the property for any issues that might infringe on council regulations 
  • Preparing and examining the contract of sale 
  • Paying a deposit, stamp duty and other property ownership transfer costs 
  • Organising a land survey to ensure the boundaries of the property are accurately represented 

How to choose the right Conveyancer 

After an education campaign on what your services are, it’s then up to you to follow it with the reasons why your firm should be chosen above the thousands that exist in Australia today. 

While points of difference can vary depending on the services you offer, there will always be a few key points of difference you can make a case for, including: 

  • Price Points – are your prices competitive, can you offer consistency with fixed prices? 
  • Quality – do you utilise the best conveyancing technology in the industry and have secure protocols in place? 
  • Reputation – share your positive reviews and any awards and accolades you’ve accumulated.  
  • Trust – especially as a conveyancer, marketing a trustworthy business is crucial 

Conveyancing message for offering Incentives 

Another technique you can use in the content of your marketing is to offer conveyancing unique incentives. In a competitive conveyancing industry, having an incentive to choose your services over others could be a crucial cog in your marketing wheel.  

These could include: 

  • Initial and repeat discounting 
  • Provide a referral to receive a gift or future discount 
  • No obligation quotes or meetings and more. 

While the conveyancing message is crucial within the marketing plan, and can be implemented by using education, value reasoning and incentives, you must also consider bolstering the digital presence of your conveyancing firm. Furthermore, in a world where working from home and communicating online are crucial, you also need to plan for strategies for remote marketing.

For more tips in how your business can establish a more efficient workflow so you have time to work on your messaging, book a demonstration with me at 

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