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3 easy tips for remote marketing your conveyancing firm

Tips for remote marketing for conveyancers.

The entire conveyancing industry, like many others, has had to change to harness more remote marketing tools recently. Since its model of working from the office and seeing clients face-to-face change to working from home and communicating remotely with clients.

However, some traditional marketing methods have remained as crucial now, as they were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, the pandemic has shone a light on how you can use remote marketing tools to effectively market to a wider audience.

For a buyer or seller looking for a conveyancer, they no longer only need to consider what firms are within their close proximity, instead, focusing on the best offer they can find.

Therefore, utilising the following three tips for remote marketing can help you considerably grow your client base and targeting regions you may never thought possible before.

1. Show your Value

It is always a good practice when you provide clear value for your services. Think about what a prospective client will first see when they find your website/socials/advertisements.

What do you offer that sets you apart and why should they choose you?

One approach you could take is to define your niche and create content you know your potential clients are looking for.

Consider using clearance rates, time spent on cases or what extra services you can offer.

To do this, consider starting and maintaining a blog on your website. This will give you another layer of credibility, present yourself as an expert in your field and let you control the topics you want prospects to see.

You can hire a freelance content writer to help with this, at a pretty reasonable cost.

Define a call to action and always include it in the piece of content you are creating. What do you want the users to do when they read this piece?

Add links to other of your web properties, website, other blog posts, and inbound pieces as well as best contact details.

2. Sales Partners

Another strategy for remote marketing is to harness ‘word of mouth’. Establish relations with people and businesses from around the industry, not necessarily just in your suburb or region, that would like to sell your services to better their own.

These sales partners usually know a lot of people and can make referrals and sales for a commission on the project, therefore, it’s advantageous for both parties to build a relationship together.

Fortunately, the conveyancing industry has just the bridge, this could mean forming strong bonds with local real estate agencies to help boost your referral rates.

A relationship like this will also help further strengthen the relationship between yourself and your clients, potentially giving you another avenue for ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

3. Paid Online Advertising

The influx of today’s social or mainstream media makes it difficult for your company’s message to be heard organically. Online paid advertising is the purchase of ad spots to attract internet traffic, and there are a variety of paid techniques available.

All you need to do is identify which platforms your target audience is the most active on and meet them there.

Paid social media allows you to advertise to those outside of your social media following. These ads can be very useful for targeting specific audiences, based on core demographics like age, location and even interests. 

It is the perfect avenue to utilise remote marketing and extend your geographical reach to all corners of Australia.

There are numerous strategies for overcoming the lack of face-to-face interactions conveyancers have experienced in the last 18 months.

Using remote marketing strategies like building your brand value for everyone to find, forming mutually beneficial remote partnerships and including paid online advertisements can considerably expand your marketability.

At the end of the day, it is about putting your brand, into the eyes and ears of more buyers and sellers, and these simple strategies can help you achieve just that.

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