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10 ways triConvey’s $0 software can power your conveyancing firm

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0.5 CPD  |  Tues 26 October @12:30pm – 1:00pm

In today’s modern conveyancing industry, using a practice management system is one of the most efficient strategies to automate the workplace. triSearch recently launched the latest in software and search integration, triConvey, offering a conveyancing firm next generation experience in their operations and workflows.

triConvey’s powerful $0 software utilises the best software technology in the market, complimented by top of the line searching tools. In this webinar, triSearch National Sales Manager Mitchell Burge discusses 10 simple ways triConvey can power your conveyancing firm.

Topics covered:

  • Next-Generation Integration
  • Contract compiling
  • Document storage & automatic filing
  • Prebuilt matter types
  • Intuitive workflow that prompts next steps
  • Assigning tasks and collaborating within the team
  • Search platform & PEXA Integration
  • Email & office 365 Integration
  • Automated invoicing
  • Reporting and profitability

triConvey is a powerful $0 Conveyancing software with Integrated Searching eConveyancing tools. It is the all-in-one solution for Conveyancers.

triConvey was built to support the conveyancing professionals now and in the future. Like any business, without clients, you can’t operate. They are at the forefront of everything we do. So much so that this mantra has been built into our core values as ‘we care about the success of our clients’.

If you are interested in finding out more about the triSearch story, or would like to see the platform & Prices, you can get in touch or request a price list.

Ready to get started with triConvey’s Powerful $0 Software?

Get Started with powerful $0 Practice Management Software, integrated searching and any eConveyancing tools with this all-in-one solution.

Presented by Mitchell Burge, National Sales Manager

About triSearch

triSearch is Australia’s all-in-one conveyancing solution. Access the seamless integration of Software, Search and eConveyancing tools, supported by one dedicated HelpDesk team.

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