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Julie West Conveyancing

Julie West Conveyancing (JWC), Sydney, has had a rapid rise to success thanks to a foundation of established excellence in the industry, despite having only opened in March 2022. The recently launched practice was able to quickly build a client-base off the back of more than 40 years of experience by owner and licensed conveyancer, Julie West.

Having used a variation of Software and Search platforms, Julie was seeking a new solution to accompany her plans for solo success when she opened her practice. Having received numerous referrals from industry colleagues, Julie chose the all-in-one conveyancing solution, triConvey, and quickly learned it was the correct decision for her business, as she explained:

“I pride myself on providing an excellent service, I’ve been doing it for a while and it’s my passion. Using my name for the business means referrals and past business affiliates have been able to find me easily.

When I was looking at starting out on my own, I spoke to a few of the colleagues who said I should give triConvey a go. I thought why not, a new beginning and a new start means I can undertake a new software.

I liked the idea of what it was trying to achieve, and I’ve really enjoyed it and found that it’s easy to use.

My transition with triConvey felt easy, I was starting out as a sole practitioner while learning a new software, so I needed occasional help. But that wasn’t a problem as the support team were always contactable if I had questions.

I really like the initial start-up of a new matter. Having the particulars shown when I enter the address before I create the matter and then have them populate throughout the workflow is helpful. For a sale file, I like that the vendor details populate into the matter card when its created so I can get searching straight away.

The integration is helpful too. I like that it integrates with Outlook and recognises which email a file is related to and saves it back into the matter. I also find that your precedents and the integration with word to be easy to use as well.

I’d recommend it to all my colleagues looking to change or try something new. It’s very simple to use and an easy transition as well.”

To follow Julie’s advice, you can book a free demonstration to see how triConvey can help you succeed, today.

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