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How to ‘futurise’ your firm with electronic conveyancing tools

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About this webinar

triSearch  |  June 16, 2021  | 0.5 Hour

As remote and online work become the norm, moving your conveyancing process from paper to digital is increasingly important.

The pressure continues to mount on how to simplify work and take both the time-consuming and repetitive tasks out of the equation. While technology can be seen as an expensive luxury, especially for smaller firms, it’s actually an investment in the firm. Adopting technology in your firm to automate tasks means staff can spend their time servicing clients or bringing in new business. In this 1/2 hour webinar, we will discuss tools your firm can utilise to futurise your firm.

Tools covered:

  • Verification of Identity
  • Search platform
  • Electronic Contracts of Sale
  • Electronic Signing
  • Settling through triSettle

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