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Client Spotlight: Communication Key for Love Homes Conveyancing

Love Homes Conveyancing owner Robin Carter.

A priority on communication by Love Homes Conveyancing (LHC) throughout the pandemic led to glowing reviews, and a quickly established reputation.  

Having launched in late 2019, LHC was fully operational for only a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Australia.

With a commitment to conducting workflows digitally, LHC was able to quickly adjust operations and capitalise on the spike in the property market in 2020. 

LHC, Director and Solicitor, Robin Carter, said the biggest challenged he faced throughout the pandemic was adjusting his business to operate from home. 

“Starting a business during COVID was a big challenge. You couldn’t predict what was going to happen in the industry, especially with the property market being shut down for months at a time,” Robin said. 

“You also couldn’t go out and build relationships with people, instead you had to rely on Zoom, which isn’t the same thing as meeting somebody face-to-face and having a coffee with them.  

“I think some of the other challenges the industry has faced is with people adapting to the digital world. For me, it’s one of the positives of COVID, forcing firms to go into DocuSign and the likes.  

“But many who have been long-established have old processes and adapting to changing regimes in conveyancing, which is a very task-orientated process, was a challenge for many businesses.” 

Despite these challenges, Robin continued to hold open communication as one of his top priorities to ensure development and growth for LHC. 

“One of our core values is communication. It was something instilled from day one, and it’s one of the biggest problem areas, in fact, it’s probably one of the biggest complaint areas in the industry. 

“Especially when buying and selling property, conveyancing can be the first and last port of call for our clients, so I really wanted to make sure that we didn’t add to the stress of the process. To help, we’ve added a lot of touch points for our clients with emails, updates, and phone calls where clients are open to ask any questions they need and feel supported.” 

Building a thriving future 

Robin’s foresight into the future of the industry became a big asset to LHC and its ability to build a thriving reputation throughout the pandemic.  

This foresight was also another reason why LHC become a triConvey user when the all-in-one conveyancing solution was launched in September, 2021. 

Robin said: “So, 2020 and 21 had its challenges for starting a new business, we experienced a few ups and downs, but we used that time to build a good foundation and have since established a great reputation with our clients, earning us nothing but five-start Google reviews so far.  

“The pandemic obviously has had a big impact on everyone, but it did have some positive aspects for the Conveyancing industry having introduced the importance for the use of digital tools. 

“That perfectly suited Love Homes as I’m completely for being paperless and focusing on digital solutions. That is one of the reasons why we chose triConvey, because it’s a very flexible system which utilises technology perfect for this industry.” 

Robin said his transition was seamless, adding: “Being Smokeball and triSearch users already, the transition was simple. As long as you did your searches with triSearch, the software was going to be free, so it was a no brainer.” 

Favourite features of triConvey 

Having used triConvey since its inception last year, Robin has come to appreciate features unique to the practice management software.  

“I use the software app on my phone quite a lot. It’s really handy for when I’m out at a meeting or out of the office and I need to call a client, I can easily access their details without having to save their contact details into my phone,” he explained. 

“I can also access my corresponding emails and documents for a matter while I’m out on the road to see if we’ve got something back or if I need to follow someone up. I don’t have to carry around a laptop which is fantastic. 

“I also really like the integration with Search, and the extensive precedent library. The way the system integrates everything within the matter is seamless.” 

A consideration for industry colleagues 

When asked if he would recommend triConvey to colleagues and why, Robin highlighted its value for money and flexibility as the most important factors. 

He said: “I would definitely say the value for money is great. You have ability to add multiple users without it racking up a cost for you.  

“That gives us a lot of flexibility. And is one of the things I really like about it.  

“One of the benefits that we use a lot is the Trust Accounting feature. Having the Trust Accounting package integrated is vital for our business. And it’s simple to use.  

“Overall, it’s the flexibility, pricing, and the Trust Accounting features which have been great for us.” 

Love Homes Conveyancing has eye on future growth 

With LHC currently based primarily in Kings Cross to service around the city, with offices in Marrickville and North Sydney to service the Inner West and North Shore, respectively.  

Using these offices, LHC is able to service a wide demographic and continue plans for growth in 2022. 

“We’re actively growing at the moment and want to keep Love Homes Conveyancing on that path,” Robin said. 

“We’re currently focused on the central area of Sydney, but we’ll be employing another conveyancer very shortly as a steppingstone to help with our growth plans. 

“Hopefully we plan to bring on somebody else in three to six months after our new arrival if plans go as we expect.” 

As part of this client spotlight, you can follow Robin’s advice by booking a free demonstration to learn how triConvey can help you succeed, today.    

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