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Client Spotlight: Alexis Conveyancing thrives throughout pandemic

Alexis Conveyancing owner Carmela Alexis

Having flourished throughout the pandemic, Alexis Conveyancing (AC), Sydney, is looking to use 2022 as a stepping-stone year to continue building its reputation for efficient and customer-focused service.  

AC, owner and Licensed Conveyancer, Carmela Alexis, opened her practice in December 2019. With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in Australia following shortly after launching, Carmela quickly adjusted her business model to suit the new-look of conveyancing. 

“Sure enough, COVID hit early in the next year after I launched. It was a quick pivot and after a month of adjusting to COVID, the property market went crazy. Since then, things have progressed very quickly,” Carmela explained. 

Alexis Conveyancing uses elevated market for rapid growth 

She accredited the property market boom as the platform for establishing her reputation in the market, allowing her to grow the business just two years since launching.  

“This year has been so far, so good. We’ve built on our momentum and in doing so, have been able to move into an office and take on two new staff, so I’m very happy,” she said. 

“I have hired two new staff to help manage my time better and help me have a more normal life. I’ve now got weekends to myself, so my family very happy about that.” 

Although the first two years in business have yielding positive results, they weren’t without their hardships.  

Carmela added: “Working from home has been one of the big challenges. As well as separating my work life balance, especially when I’ve been extremely busy with no help.” 

A solution made for conveyancers 

As for any firm, using the correct software and search platform is essential for long-term success. 

After trialling different software, Carmela found Smokeball and triSearch to align perfectly with her goals. And in September 2021, AC was transitioned into the all-in-one conveyancing solution, triConvey.  

“Having previously been a Smokeball user, the transition into triConvey was easy. As soon as I saw the software, I knew it was the program for me and that’s why I stuck with triSearch because it makes the job easier, it gets it done very quickly,” she said. 
“I’ve had experience with other software in previous employments and have just found they’re too time consuming. We’re in a fast-paced industry so we want to get things done quickly.” 

Alexis Conveyancing part-time Conveyancer, Aristea Giannisis, added: “I find that you can enter a lot more information at the beginning of your matters compared to previous software I’ve used, and there is a lot more functions which populate the information throughout the matter.  

“These functions, help me move along throughout the workflow quickly.” 

As well as helping conveyancers complete their workflow swiftly, Carmela recommended making the switch because triConvey is “specifically made for conveyancers”. 

Adding: “If you want to be productive, and have a user-friendly software, it’s something that I highly recommend for your practice if you want it to function smoothly.” 

With AC using its productivity and momentum, Carmela is hoping to continue to build her practice in 2022.  

“My plans are to hopefully expand the business and get another full-time conveyancer on,” she said. 

“For me, I just look after my clients and I find that the business naturally generates clientele, from word of mouth and repeat business. For now, I’m just going to keep with that formula.” 

As part of this client spotlight, you can follow Carmela’s advice by booking a free demonstration to see how triConvey can help you succeed, today.

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