A successful triConvey Information Session: highlights and more - triSearch

A successful triConvey Information Session: highlights and more

triConvey information session

More than 150 conveyancers attended the successful triConvey Information Session to learn about the industries best all-in-one conveyancing solution, last Thursday.

The hour-long seminar was hosted by triSearch with guest speaker Smokeball CEO, Hunter Steele, with each attendee receiving 1 CPD at its conclusion.

Also included as panellists on the day were triSearch CEO, Taylah Allen, National Sales Manager, Mitchell Burge and taking on the MC role for the event was triSearch Marketing Manager, Matthew Tarabay.

The event received tremendous engagement from attendees with more than 60 live questions asked midway and at the end of the seminar.

The session was split into three main sections, with Steele outlining his humble beginnings and connections to the conveyancing industry, the partnership between Smokeball and triSearch and how triConvey is a purpose-built software to service the Conveyancing market.

Following that, Allen also shared her personal insights into the creation of triConvey and how the $0 software is a win-win for all parties, as well as the triSearch goals for the future.

After a brief interval for live questions, Burge, then conducted a live demonstration of the triConvey platform. Highlighting the key integrations between software, search and eConveyancing tools which sets triConvey apart in the industry. He also briefly explained product tools Communicate and Firm Insights which are accessible to all triConvey clients.

Before the final time opened for another popular question section, a short audio clip was shared of NSW conveyancing firm and triConvey client, MJM Conveyancing with its experience and recommendation for the software.

Steele’s the triConvey information session

As the first panellist of the session, Hunter set the bar high, stealing the show with a personalised insight into his deep ties into the conveyancing industry at the triConvey information session.

The Smokeball founder and CEO, started his journey in the legal and conveyancing space while growing up in a small law firm in Bathurst headed up by his father. While it was a law firm by name, Steele explained the firm was predominantly a conveyancing practice.

It was here where he great to hear success stories and develop a passion for the industry, eventually studying law and computer science later. He said it was until his first job that he started formally engaging in software before finally launching Smokeball.

Smokeball quickly became the software choice for law firms and conveyancers, as Steele explained, it was having to service two different markets in product, functionality, and pricing.

It was at this point, Smokeball and triSearch started to collaborate, thanks to former relationships between Steele and Allen.

Steele explained: “We knew they (triSearch) had as big a passion as we did for a seamless well priced conveyancing solution.

“We thought that a joint venture where we could deliver the best, most affordable and exciting product to the market, would be a really good fit and that is how triConvey was born.”

Speaking on the future and continued development of software technology, Steele concluded:

“There has been a lot of change in the conveyancing market in terms of electronically, the electronic delivery services and lots of things happening. We are committed to both our client base and the triConvey team that we’re going to 100% be there to stay on top of those changes.”

“We’re not stopping and the technology’s definitely not standing still. We’ve only just started and very happy to be here to support the try convey product and Taylor and the team into the future.”

Allen explains purpose-built model

Following Steele, was an explanation to the growth of triSearch and the inception of triConvey, presented by Allen.

She explained that having more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Allen had developed a strong passion for conveyancing and property tech with plans to create a product which specifically caters to the industry.

Having launched in 2018, triSearch was exclusively a website solution and provider of eConveyancing tools for the conveyancing workflow. However, the natural progression for Allen and triSearch would be to launch a combining software to become the all-in-one solution.

Allen explain that partnering with Smokeball was easy as she believes it “was really built with conveyances in mind… it’s built with the conveyancing workflow seamlessly integrating into all of the different processes and tools”.

She also highlighted the future direction for triSearch, saying that after a successful launch in September 2021, triConvey is still gaining momentum in the market with continued improvements being made on the onboarding process.

“Once you get started with the software, whether you’re moving from existing website client, or whether you’ve never used software before, or you’re starting your own business, we’ve taken pride in reviewing and refreshing our training process,” Allen said.

“We are implementing support teams dedicated to understanding both your software and your search queries, and are dedicated to continuing that level of service as it was with the searching side.

“One of the most common bits of feedback that we do get is the benefit of being able to call one number and contact one person for software or search queries.”

She added: “Not only that, but it’s also the extensive training. We understand that using software is a training process.

“The software itself will integrate into your workflows, but you still need to understand how to use it and get the most out of it. So, we pride ourselves on that extensive training.”

A full demonstration of the product was then performed by Burge, who highlighted the cloud-based software and its aesthetic layout, and powerful integrations with search and eConveyancing tools.

To listen to Steele, Allen and Burge as well as hear what questions your colleagues around the industry had to ask in the live question time, watch the recording at anytime or book a demonstration to see the triConvey information session yourself.

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