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Working from home: Tips for Conveyancers to continue ‘business as usual’

Working from home set up for a conveyancer

While working from home may have its benefits, doing so for an extended period of time can affect your work, productivity and motivation.

Being a conveyancer involves, high attention to detail and fast turnaround of high volumes of work. This means you need to make sure your day is as productive as possible, regardless of your location.

Here are some tips that will help with the continuation of ‘business as usual’ working from home.

Structure your day the same as if you went to the office

By mirroring your normal daily routine, you are more likely to continue at the same pace as you would at the office.

The mental association you make between work and an office can make you more productive, and there’s no reason why that can’t continue that with working from home.

You should still implement all the same steps like, setting your alarm, making a coffee and getting dressed to a ‘presentable standard’.

You might want to stay in your pajamas, but that’s not going to encourage you to start work. It’s hard enough to get motivated to sit at our desks and start the day. By taking that extra step of ‘dressing for success’ it will get you in the right mindset.

By creating a ‘workplace’ within your house it is proven to be more productive, rather then just setting up a laptop on the couch or even worse, lying in bed. A desk, chair and computer screen can go a long way in improving motivation.

Lastly, stick to your real work hours. By sticking to strict hours, it allows you to mentally prepare when you must start work and when you get to finish.

By implementing this into your routine you will create an atmosphere that is nearly identical to office life.

Break up your day when working from home

When planning your day, make sure to include multiple breaks. Whether it’s making yourself a coffee or getting a fresh air. Whatever it may be, breaks to be included in your day is important.

A study showed that extensive attention on one given task will hinder your performance.

By momentarily taking breaks our minds can renew and strengthen our motivation to continue our workday to a professional standard.

Utilise electronic conveyancing technology

As a conveyancer, your involved in face-to-face meetings and you deal with multiple parties’ to complete a transaction. With the technology readily available these days, conveyancers can complete their job function from just about any location.

Verification of Identity is a compulsory first step when transacting with a new client. Without the availability to meet face-to-face with a client, you need to find remote solutions such as the triVOI app through triSearch.

The app has a built-in workflow that will guide you through 10 simple steps to verify a client’s identity and prompt the required documentation.

This can all be done remotely from your home or office. triVOI also aligns with ARNECC guidelines that state, “A Subscriber can verify the identity of their client or customer in a way that constitutes reasonable steps”.

Electronic signing is another useful tool when working from home. triSign through triSearch allows you to upload cost agreements, contracts or any other documents, tag them and send them off for signing. Clients/other parties will receive email notification and instructions on how to sign.

Once a signature has been placed on the document, you’ll also be notified so you can track the status of your matters. electronic signing means you can avoid the hassle of printing, scanning or faxing.

triSign utilises industry expert DocuSign so security is kept top of mind when sending and receiving documents.

Draw a line under your day when working from home

We’ve all heard of the saying “don’t bring your work home with you”. The same goes for when you finish working at home. You need to ensure you draw a line under your day, meaning that you have achieved what you set out to achieve and have organised your day for tomorrow.

Even though you’re working from home, a work-life balance is still important.

A change of working environment can lead to increased productivity for some, but for others lead to a dip in productivity.

By implementing these tips and tools into your working from home routine, you are on the right path to continue business as usual as a conveyancer.

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