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Development Application (DA) reports: What are they?

Development application listed property

A Development Application (DA) is a request to council to execute a proposed development. All new structures require a DA and they are commonly lodged by a Developer or Architect.

A Development Application report gives you access to all the submitted applications within the council.

By ordering this report, you can confidently educate your client on the developments planned within a 400m radius of their property.

After all, the last thing your client wants is to purchase their dream home only to find out that a 6-story block of units is being constructed next door, blocking their view and invading their privacy.

While your client may not specifically request this report, it’s good practice to recommend it or least advise of its existence.

They can make the decision on whether they want to pay the disbursement, but at the end of the day it is a small fee to pay when compared to the huge financial investment of purchasing a property.

For Lawyers or Conveyancers operating in NSW or QLD, DA Reports are easily accessible through the triSearch platform.

What will a DA report display?

If there is a development occurring in within a 400-metre radius from the particular property it will show up on the report.

If there are no developments occurring in a 400-metre radius, you will be notified that there are no Development Applications in that range. Types of developments includes:

Residential development includes:

  • Subdividing Land
  • Pruning or removing trees
  • Demolition
  • Granny flats
  • Garages or carports

Commercial development includes:

  • Office Fit outs
  • Shopfront renovations
  • Advertising structures
  • Removal or pruning of trees above 5 metres tall

To learn more about ordering Development Applications and other due diligence searches through the triSearch platform, book a demonstration with our experts.

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