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triSearch launch eCOS+ for NSW triConvey Users

Conveyancer using eCOS+ contract review

triSearch recently launched its new electronic contract solution, eCOS+, enabling a more efficient workflow for building, sending, and signing property of sale contracts.

The current electronic contract tool will be replaced by eCOS+ in a periodic release throughout May.

What is eCOS+?

This new tool gives you a streamlined option for creating and compiling your electronic contracts of sale.

With less clicks and fewer screens, you can order all necessary Searches and Certificates, compile, edit and rearrange your contracts from within the platform.

Benefits of eCOS+

The digital tool has a host of benefits for NSW conveyancers, and thanks to its integration with award-winning practice management software, triConvey, the digital contract tool includes:

  • auto-filling data – direct from your triConvey matter into your eCOS.
  • auto-compiling & rearrange – documents compile in the correct order with the ability to rearrange and add external documents like special conditions directly into the contract preparation tool.
  • Send for e-signing – send the contract for digital signature with integrated triSign or send to an agent with Securexchange.

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