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Find your firm’s most profitable matters this EOFY with triConvey’s reporting and insights.

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Is your firm ready for the new financial year?

Find your most profitable matters to kick-start the new financial year.

triConvey’s reporting & insights function gives you an accurate view of profitability.

Conveyancers that operate as a fixed-fee firm can see where time is spent and the cost of performing the work for each client. 

The dashboards give you insights into the actual amount of work you and your staff are performing for each client. 

Tap into your hidden earnings

The triConvey firm reporting & insights dashboard gives you a visual overview of the time spent in certain areas, by the minute.

You get an accurate overview on how much time is spent on a specific matter. Whether you operate as fixed fee or disburse your costs, the triConvey insight dashboard can show an accurate profitability analysis.

The dashboard includes breakdowns of new business, referral sources, time spent, and area-of-law-specific data. 

Over time, you will see which clients and practice areas are the most profitable for you.

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Plan for success with triConvey.

Begin the new financial year with triConvey and maximise your profit potential.

Conveyancer checking Reporting & Insights tool in triConvey.

Fixed Fee Reporting

If you operate your firm on a fixed fee basis, triConvey reporting can show you where time is being spent and the true cost of performing the work for each client. With the firm insights you can better manage your clients expectations with real data. 

The reporting also allows you to capture all activities involved in each matter. triConvey can give you accurate insight into the actual amount of work your firm is performing for each client.

Benefits of Reporting & Insights

Real-time Data

Reports update automatically, in real-time, as information is entered.


See how profitable your firm is with time-based or matter-based reports.

Decision-making tools

See where your firm is making money and areas that need your focus.

We’re able to work on our processes and systems with triConvey to ensure we all have a good work/life balance while improving our workflows.

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