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Top 4 benefits to adopting a digital VOI tool

Digital VOI verification of identity triVOI in ARNECC rule guidelines.

It is essential for Australian conveyancers to continue adapting to the modern conveyancing landscape by adopting electronic conveyancing solutions like digital verification of identity (VOI).

Using tools like this can help streamline your workflows and provide better services to their clients.

With every conveyance conducted whether it’s a purchase or sale, you’ll need to conduct a verification of identity.

A digital verification of identity tool is a software application that allows conveyancers to verify the identity of their clients online. The tool typically works by capturing and verifying the client’s identification documents and biometric data, such as facial recognition or fingerprints.

Using a digital version over traditional in-person methods comes with multiple benefits to your firm and client. These include:

1. Security and fraud prevention

Digital VOI tools can help to enhance security and prevent fraud by providing a secure online platform for identity verification providing greater peace of mind for both conveyancers and their clients.

Documents entered into triSearch’s VOI platform (triVOI security) are transmitted and stored securely in a write-only, ISO27001 certified private cloud provided database. This database is only accessible for read access via a private VPC, to a few highly privileged triSearch administrators.

All data at rest is secured using the industry certified AES256 encryption, all data in transit is secured end-to-end, using the industry certified TLSv1, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 standards, and offers the highest level of protection possible. All documents ordered as part of the report are encrypted on the server using AES256. All transport between the VOI platform and servers is secured using SSL.

2. Improved efficiency

By using a digital VOI tool, you’re able to have far more control and transparency of the completion of the VOI process. This can help to improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes to complete a property transaction. Clients can complete the verification process from the comfort of their own homes, which can help to reduce inconvenience and increase satisfaction.

3. Cost-effective

Using a digital VOI tool can be cost-effective for conveyancers and their clients. Due to its digitisation, there’s no need for in-person means. Eliminating this can save on travel costs and time. It can also reduce the need for paper-based documentation, which can help to save on printing and storage costs.

4. Client convenience

This is likely one of the most important advantages in today’s digital landscape, where nearly every can use a smartphone, or know someone who can help. Using a digital VOI tool, your client can complete the verification process online, at a time of their own choosing, meaning they don’t need to take time out of their own day to attend meetings.

Providing your client with this digital option can increase client satisfaction and improve your business’ reputation.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of using a digital VOI, utilising triSearch eConveyancing tool, triVOI, incorporates authority DVS which will automatically verify documents based on official record holders, provides a VOI report, is smartphone friendly and web-based so no downloadable app is required, and has built-in facial detection software.

Ultimately, utilising a digital VOI tool can provide numerous benefits to conveyancers and their clients. By enhancing security, improving efficiency, and reducing costs, a digital VOI tool can help conveyancers to provide better services to their clients and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.

Get started with the digital verification of identity solution, triVOI, to improve your business’ workflow efficiency, today.

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