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Top 3 benefits from using a practice management system to help protect your firm

practice management system offering security.

A practice management system offers a wealth of benefits to protecting your firm from cyber attackers.

This knowledge is not exclusive just to Australian conveyancers and solicitors, but to every stakeholder in the industry, including banks, agents, brokers, and ELNOs.

Of course, we can’t forget one of the most important stakeholders in every transaction, the customer.

The post pandemic era has shown us a new customer. One that is far more diligent, cautious, and cyber-aware when entering the property transaction.

Therefore, it’s essential that your business is taking measures at every stage of the conveyance to ensure their information and importantly, their money, is staying safe.

Failure to protect your firm and clients can lead to heavy legal liabilities, financial loss and of course, reputation.

The following three benefits of using practice management systems can help protect your firm.

 1. Client safety 

Using practice management systems often means introducing a simple but effective strategy of connecting your clients into their property transaction. And that is through the use of two factor authentication, communication portals, and eConveyancing tools that integrate with PMS. 

Using these connectors, you can introduce all the stakeholders I mentioned before into secure spaces where client data can be safely shared, or messages between yourself and your client can be sent freely.

It means you can conduct your workflow within secure portals at each stage, and store information in a data encrypted system to keep your client data safe.

A great way to illustrate this for your client is to explain what secure options and communication tools you use are, so there aren’t any surprises when you use them during your workflow.

This will educate them on what to expect, put many cyber-conscious clients at ease, and create a level of authority in your decision to keep their information and funds safe.

This leads us into secure document storage.

2.  Secure document storage

When using Practice management Systems which take the safety of your firm and client data seriously, you are able to securely store any sensitive information like bank details and client date of birth and name, rather than keeping large folders on your desktop, or printing and storing your clients’ information in folders throughout your office or home.

In a secure space, this information can only be accessed by authorized personnel. To ensure your PMS is safe and find out specifics, we recommend reaching out to your provider to request information and security measures taken.

The next benefit to PMS, is customisation and offboarding capabilities.

3. Customisation and offboarding

Using practice management systems in your conveyance allows you to keep client data safe from other clients, as well as your own employees.

Being able to set access controls or provide unique logins to specific staff means you can control who accesses what information at each stage of the conveyance, minimising how many people handle the sensitive data.

This feature prevents unauthorised access to sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches. And it also allows you delete and restrict personnel after they’ve left your firm, or if they no longer need access to files. Tracking who has accessed specific information, also enhances accountability.

In summary, there are a host of benefits to adopting a practice management system into your workflow. Apart from protecting your firm’s reputation and details, it can also settle the nerves of clients as they enter one of the biggest transactions of their life.

Using practice management systems can help introduce effective strategies for connecting clients and stakeholders into secure spaces, enabling secure document storage, providing customisation and offboarding capabilities, and keeping data protected.

Ultimately, using PMS helps to protect client data, reduce the risk of data breaches, and create a level of authority in keeping client information and funds safe.

For more benefits and to see how practice management system triConvey can help protect your firm, register for the free webinar Cyber security for conveyancers: how to protect your firm and clients using practice management system.

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