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The new state of conveyancing in a socially distant world

conveyancers being socially distant from each other.

As the pandemic continues to unfold, it’s drastically changing how law firms can interact with their clients. ‘Socially distant’ measures may be in place for the long-term, and another wave of shutdowns isn’t out of the question. 

This uncertainty has pushed many firms to turn to digital tools to be able to continue business as usual. 

The notion of digital transformation was already fairly accepted across the industry with many organisations already starting to digitalise. 

However, with COVID19 many firms have needed to and will need to continue to take radical steps to adopt technology advancements and modernise their operations.  

So what does the new state of conveyancing in a socially distant world look like? 

Adopting other areas of Law 

As COVID19 continues, we will see firms that only specialised in one type of law, soon start to generalise to allow for work in other fields.

With the uncertainty with the property market, property specific law firms need to be able to have another stream of income. This could include the hiring of lawyers who specialise in other types of law. 

Adoption of Digital tools to remain socially distant

While Australians, in general, are fairly fast adopters of technology, many are yet to explore this new digital age. 

In the new state of conveyancing, everyone has or will soon need to transition to new technologies.  

From a tech perspective, we’re only just getting started with the technological age. COVID has just created the extra push many needed to make the leap. 

Around five five years ago, the Conveyancing process was paper-based and manual. Fast-forward to today and a Conveyance can be completed entirely online from end-to-end. 

Through triSearch you can verify your clients identity (triVOI), Search, order contracts, electronically sign (triSign) and electronically settle (triSettle).   

Increased digital marketing efforts for law firms 

With the new state of conveyancing being more ‘socially distant’, the increase of digital marketing is imminent.

The traditional methods of drop-ins/mail drops and networking isn’t as available or safe as it used to be. There will be an emphasis on using digital marketing methods to promote your business.  

Before COVID, your website was just a place for your customers to look you up online. However now potential customers aren’t going to meetings, instead they are going online. 

Additionally with social media accounts, they need to be used regularly to stay connected with clients, aswell as considering paid advertisements to help bring in new business.  

These are just some ways law firms will be adapting to a socially distant world. 

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