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The importance of a personal brand in the conveyancing industry

Conveyancers working on their personal brand.

It may seem impossible to stand out in today’s environment. By focusing on key aspects to differentiate yourself from others, it will help you stand out amongst your competitors. The big differentiator for conveyancers being their personal brand.  

Most people associate a ‘brand’ with a business, however as an individual, you have a personal brand that is on show 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This isn’t a logo, tagline, elevator pitch or a marketing strategy. It’s how others perceive you and it’s made up of your personality, appearance, work ethic and many other traits. 

The actual definition for personal brand is the “perception or impression of an individual based on their experience, expertise, competencies, actions and/or achievements within an industry”. 

In today’s world, your brand isn’t just the way you present yourself in person, but also the representation you hold online, through social platforms. 

Branding yourself in the right way gives you an advantage as you can position yourself as an expert in your field.  

Every interaction you have with someone will add or detract from your brand. What you say, how you say it, how you present yourself, your mannerisms, the way you dress, the company you keep, and your vocabulary will all contribute to your brand.  

Here are the reasons why personal brand is important in the conveyancing industry. 

Builds trust and credibility 

Building trust with your client base in any industry is essential. However, trust isn’t something that is built without constant work. 

Earning trust comes down to connecting with a person, remembering you only get one shot at your first impression.

By establishing a better brand both online and in person this will help with the initial interaction.  

Credibility is a combination of your trustworthiness and your demonstrated professionalism. How you present yourself to a client can be the deciding factor if they go with your business or not.  

Personal brand makes you memorable 

In many ways, your brand is what makes you memorable. It helps you stand out from the thousands of other people in the same industry as you.  

Statistics show that only 30 per cent of satisfied customers use the same real estate agent for all purchases. 

The other 70 per cent are most likely not returning due to not remembering the real estate agents name six months later. Therefore being memorable by having a strong personal brand is important. This will encourage returning clients.  

Furthermore, by establishing yourself as the ‘go to expert’ in the industry, and then further promoting yourself online, will enable you to position yourself as a thought leader in your profession.  

Further your career or business 

As an employee, a strong personal brand means you can represent your company at networking and other events. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to meet people in your industry, to further build your brand, but also gives opens up opportunities for the business. 

The average person switches jobs every two to three years. Having a reputable personal brand will make job transitions much smoother and put you in the running for the right positions.  

As a sole practitioner or owner of an SME, your personal brand ties in with your business. You’re the ambassador for your own business, essentially the face of it. 

A well-known and well-liked personal brand will create opportunities for the business, whether it be new clients, employees or business partners.  

Whether you’ve built a powerful personal brand already, or if you’re just starting out, you can never stop developing it. 

Differentiating your personal brand in the conveyancing market won’t just help with your position in the industry but will also help set you apart from the competition in the market.  

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