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The future of conveyancing software innovation in 2023

Conveyancing Software Innovation

The conveyancing software innovation in Queensland, NSW and Victoria will all find a level playing field for paperless conveyancing opportunity in 2023.

With both NSW and Victoria set into 100 per cent eConveyancing in 2021 and Queensland due to make the switch on February 20 2023, respectively.

With industry standards encouraging paperless conveyancing, it is now up to technology providers to continue innovating in ways which can encourage growth, productivity, and prosperity in the industry.

In the September triConvey Online Information Session: Paperless Conveyancing made Practical webinar, Smokeball’s Global Head of Partnerships, Simon Dennis, announced four major innovations coming to conveyancing software in the future. These include:

1. Multiple trust accounts:

To help with practice growth, multiple trust account capability is currently being designed for the future of conveyancing software.

When finished, it will boast greater compliance of your trust account management with a top-down view of these accounts all in one place, helps remove multiple handling, increases the support for growth with a seamless process to trust account management, and finally, it saves time by removing the need to manually manage additional accounts.

2. Multiple branch offices

With some firms growing during the pandemic, and others looking to expand their interstate conveyancing, having access to branch accounts will be crucial to seamless management. Once finished, you’ll be able to set the branch at a meta level, allowing you to filter out matters, tasks and more, specific to each branch.

You’ll also have the ability to set permissions on what matters users can see based on their branch, alleviating any risk of conflicts across branches. It will also mean far more powerful and flexible reporting tools, allowing you to report against a particular branch or entire firm.

It will also come with an enabled deep configuration of precedents and templates by having different addresses, phone numbers, and signatures specific to branches.

3. Client portal

While it’s crucial to provide a user-friendly experience for conveyancers, the industry is heavily led by its interaction with property buyers and sellers.

Therefore, having an extensive and user-friendly client portal will help businesses provide a best in class, customer and client experience. The adoption of the digital age of technologies in both consumer and business is helping the industry become more mobile.

Therefore, innovative modern communication features like a client portal will enable you to collaborate better with clients and project a more professional and modern image of your firm.

When ready, the client portal will be accessible through a secure web and mobile app that will provide your clients with all of the information they need to keep abreast of their property transaction.

This will allow them and yourself to access all of the communications, all of the files, invoices, intake forms, and more, all in one central place.

4. Intake solution

One of the major predicaments preventing free flowing workflows is multiple data entry.

This is where the newest innovation in conveyancing technology hopes to alleviate further.

The intake will offer a custom-built solution for lead management, intake for matters and documents, including the generation of documents.

This will come in the form of ‘out-of-the-box’ matter forms for all conveyancing intake documents ready to be sent directly to clients and prospects.

This of course, will have an element of initial customisation for each firm, with more ability to fully customise after continued development.

Ultimately, the entire conveyancing industry is taking productive and innovative steps towards becoming a paperless industry. Therefore, it is essential that conveyancing software products advance along with it.

It is the ability to offer workflow efficiencies and provide a platform of innovative solutions to the needs of the conveyancer, which will drive the entire industry into prosperity.

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