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Targeting your conveyancing audience with your website blog

Blog writing tips for conveyancers.

Publishing consistent blog articles for your conveyancing website can help boost your business’ search engine ranking, support your brand as an industry leader, educate your clients and prospects, and overall website growth.

With any conveyancing business wanting to grow its website and professionalism, merely writing one blog will not be enough to draw customers in and convince them you’re an expert in your field.

Instead, we suggest a blog strategy. However, choosing a variety of phrases or search words which is common by your clients and writing blogs about those topics, is a great way to start.

That may help with your blog topics, but we recommend comparing those topics to a few strategy questions. For triSearch, these include:

  1. Does this present us as a thought leader in business/the industry?
  2. Does this improve our overall SEO?
  3. Will this drive traffic to our website for our target audience?

After choosing topics like “Targeting your Conveyancing Audience with your Website Blog, it is cross referenced if it fulfils these three requirements.

One of the easiest blog strategies to use for your initial articles is the ‘What is’ or ‘What does an X do?’

For example, ‘What does a Conveyancer do?’ – will present you with the opportunity to illustrate the industry’s worth to the property transaction from an education perspective, show that you know your trade to raise your profile, as well as give you the opportunity to sell your services with a ‘What can we do for you?’ subheading.

Increase your blog readership

Now you’ve got your strategy for choosing blog content, you need to think about how you’ll be targeting your audience.

Of course, if you’ve created the blog with a good heading which is commonly searched for, you’ll already be on your way to gathering organic reads.

However, if you’re looking to use the content for more than just collecting dust in your website, you’ll need to include a few strategies to drive more traffic, these can include:

  1. Promote on social media: using your business social accounts like LinkedIn and Facebook, your blogs can get a far greater reach and will also add to the activity on your social channels.
  2. Include photos: while this is purely aesthetic, blogs with more photos, break up text, are easier to digest and more visually appealing.
  3. Incorporate links: Including internal and external links into your blog will give it an organic boost to in search engines. Internal links are great for keeping traffic moving through your website, possibly to a channel for getting in touch with your services, while external links can add credibility to your content.

Overall, having a consistent and thought-leading library of blogs can help drive organic traffic, educate your clients and prospects, and present you as a leader in your industry. All it takes is to start writing!

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