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Soul searching: Capturing workplace culture

Colleagues promoting good workplace culture.

Workplace culture is often a difficult concept to describe, other than to say you know it’s special when everything just clicks.

It speaks to the heart and soul of a business: what makes it tick and how people interact with each other and engage in their work.

With unity comes strength. There is power in a team lining up behind a common purpose and mission to succeed.

Late US president John F. Kennedy once said: “efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”.

Culture and performance coaches say that identifying and committing to a common purpose and mission makes evident what a business must prioritise.

It offers the perspective to see what we can accomplish. Some describe it as having a “North Star” to follow.

Here we explore key principles and practices that build a strong company culture:

1. Establish core values

A good company defines and carefully articulates its mission: Why it exists. Core values demonstrate to stakeholders what is important to the business and guides the decisions it takes.

2. Lead by example

Business success starts at the top. Good leaders embody the spirit and values of the company and set the tone for employees to follow.

3. Transparency and celebrate achievements

Trust in your business is a product of transparency and authenticity in all you say and do in business. Within the conveyancing process, being transparent at the beginning of the workflow, explaining what methods you use to conduct the conveyance, and what they should expect, can go a long way to preparing expectations and understanding. Celebrating individual and team success improves productivity and engagement in the workplace.

4. Effective communication

Inclusive, consistent, and high-quality communication is a critical reminder to all inside the team what is acceptable and what is expected.

It recognises good behaviour and celebrates the wins. Strong, thoughtful external communications signal to customers and partners your business’s commitment to them.

Keep the messaging brief, consistent and relatable.

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