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Simple process to get started when switching to triConvey

Switching to triConvey has never been easier.

New users will have minimal impact to their workflow when switching to triConvey.

The all-in-one conveyancing solution was built to maximise your time spent on matters, ensuring you can switch to the powerful software platform with no downtime to you or your firm.

triSearch is here to service the conveyancing industry and therefore knows the importance of protecting your contracts, matters, documents and precedents when transferring between systems.

In addition to protecting your data during the transfer to triConvey, there is also no manual re-entering of any data.

The triSearch team will export your contacts from your existing system and import them into triConvey.

During this transition period you are able to finish current matters in your old system and start any new ones in triConvey.

Mitchell Burge, National Sales Manager, says a fresh start is the aspect of transferring into triConvey he finds the most intriguing.

“Swapping into triConvey from your old system reminds me of spring cleaning. You get to do away with any old and clustered data, start fresh and build your workflow in a more clean and organised way,” he said.

“There is also minimal impact to your workflow and nearly no downtime between transitions. You can start a new matter in triConvey on the day you sign up and have access to a library of triConvey pre-made precedents and templates available to use right away.”

What is the process when switching to triConvey?

Getting you started in the process is simple, we’ll export the contacts from your existing system and import into triConvey for you.

Documents are dragged and dropped from your old system into the new system. This is done while you close out matters in your former system and start new ones in triConvey.

Depending on your current system, the transfer can take minutes. For more complex data transfers, the maximum time taken is less than a week with all data transferred into your new triConvey system.

For more information about triConvey, visit the triSearch website or download a complimentary information pack.

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