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Maintaining key conveyancing stakeholder relations

Conveyancer keeping positive stakeholder relations.

While your conveyancing workflow may include mostly independent workflows, there are times where it is only a benefit to the growth and health of your business to maintain key stakeholder relations.

When we talk about maintaining key conveyancing stakeholders, to grow your business it will take much more than just providing a good service to your clients.

In conveyancing, other stakeholders could include real estate agents, industry colleagues, membership organisations, and partners directly associated with your workflow like search and software providers.

Why maintain relations

In an especially busy and competitive market, conveyancing businesses with positive relations and trust from all their stakeholders can build a reputation for being experts in their industry.

If you’ve got a good perception from all stakeholders and show a willingness to engage respectfully, consistently, and transparently, you’ll positively affect how the industry perceives your services and your business.

In terms of your reputation, showing you’re an industry leader and can work with others may just be the quality service your prospects are looking for.

Another important aspect for maintaining key conveyancing stakeholder relations is the fact that they aren’t “one and done” or short-term relationships.

Especially in an industry with a repetitive workflow, having positive and ongoing communication with your key stakeholders can help with ongoing business referrals, and a better learning environment for the efficiency of your workflow.

Do you get a competitive edge with positive stakeholder relations?

Maintaining and building key stakeholder relations in the conveyancing industry will no doubt give you a competitive edge for your business growth.

With agents, having a good reputation for fast contract return, and overall positive communication can grow that stakeholder into a solid lead generation avenue.

Another important stakeholder to continue building positive relations with is your technology provider.

Whether you’re using an integrated search and practice management software like triConvey, or just using an information broker and doing your data management manually, having a positive relationship with your provider is essential.

At the start of your journey with your provider should be assigned an account manager. This is one of the important first stakeholders at your technology company to have positive relations with.

It will be this person you can lean on for help and ongoing training, as well as field any one-off questions about processes and any help you might need.

A relationship like this that if maintained, can mean the professional development of yourself and your staff in relation to the efficient use of your technology platform.

This in turn, will help your workflow become faster, more accurate, functional, and efficient, meaning you can service your clients and take on more workload if the need arises.

If you’d like to explore how you can improve your stakeholder relations with triSearch, reach out to your account manager for all your ongoing support and training needs.

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