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Leaders Forum: Sympli says tech innovation & digitisation crucial for business efficiency

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2022 Annual Industry Leaders Forum: Sympli

To bring you the best insights into the Conveyancing industry in 2023 we’ve gathered some of the industry’s most knowledgeable leaders. The Annual Industry Leaders Forum, is an annual series of interviews with leaders from governing bodies and leading tech like Sympli from across the industry.

Participating this year is: Philip Joyce, CEO, Sympli; Anna Alexander, CEO, AICVIC; Chris Tyler, CEO, AICNSW; Matt Dunn, General Manager – Advocacy, Guidance and Governance, Queensland Law Society; Bianca Bowron-Cuthill, General Manager, Smokeball Australia; Renee Schembri, Service Coordinator, Diamond Property Inspections; and our own Taylah Allen, CEO, triSearch.

In this week’s Leaders Forum, we interview Philip Joyce. He reflects on the continued push for interoperability with national legislation passed earlier in 2022 that was a milestone event – compelling ELNO’s to interoperate.

He added that 2023 will be a year conveyancers need to continue to advocate for industry and interoperability growth.

When talking to triSearch PR and Communications Executive, Daniel Hughes, he said:

Q. What were the main highlights and challenges of 2022?

Philip Joyce: ELNO Interoperability has been both the key highlight & challenge of 2022.

The national legislation passed earlier this year was a milestone event – compelling ELNO’s to interoperate. There was a huge amount of work that went into that – particularly by ARNECC.

It was hugely encouraging to see the almost universal support for true competition in our industry to drive choice, value and innovation. However, in terms of challenges – the implementation needs to move faster.

Only when there is a level playing field will conveyancers be able to harness freedom of choice.

Obviously, we’d like that choice to be Sympli and we’re working really hard to earn the right to service the needs of conveyancers.

Q. What will be the immediate focus for conveyancers in 2023?

PJ: Staying close to customers will be the key imperative particularly with evolving market dynamics and the opportunities and challenges that
come with it.

Q. What trends do you predict for the conveyancing industry in the next 12 months?

PJ: Broadly speaking, technological innovation and digitisation will continue in the next 12 months and beyond, to deliver efficiencies in running their practices.

This will allow conveyancers to focus more time on engaging customers; critical for business retention and winning new business.

Q. What is the most important advice you have for conveyancers for consideration in 2022?

PJ: Advocacy. The experience and voice of conveyancers is critical in driving our industry forward. There is much still to be done to fulfil the promises of eConveyancing and harness true benefit for conveyancers and their clients.

From topics such as improving settlement certainty, to protecting the industry from vertical integration to promoting the use of open digital certificates to solving payment issues such as fraud and misapplied funds.

Importantly, using interoperability to deliver true resiliency so we’re not over exposed to one ELNO network.

At Sympli, we’re determined to work hand in hand with the conveyancing industry on resolving these significant issues.

We know that our job is to help conveyancers lodge and settle seamlessly and securely – and we’re looking forward to supporting many more customers in doing that in 2023.

Read what other trends the leaders outlined in the 2022 Annual Leaders Forum by downloading your free The Conveyancing Handbook: A Guide to Success in 2023 now.

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