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Leaders Forum: Diamond Property Inspections says employee retention key in 2023

Leaders Forum: Diamond Property Inspections Renee Schembri

2022 Annual Industry Leaders Forum: Diamond Property Inspections

To bring you the best insights into the Conveyancing industry in 2023 we’ve gathered some of the industry’s most knowledgeable leaders. The Annual Industry Leaders Forum, is an annual series of interviews with leaders from governing bodies and leading tech and stakeholders like Diamond Property Inspections from across the industry.

Participating this year is: Philip Joyce, CEO, Sympli; Anna Alexander, CEO, AICVIC; Chris Tyler, CEO, AICNSW; Matt Dunn, General Manager – Advocacy, Guidance and Governance, Queensland Law Society; Bianca Bowron-Cuthill, General Manager, Smokeball Australia; Renee Schembri, Service Coordinator, Diamond Property Inspections; and our own Taylah Allen, CEO, triSearch.

In this week’s Leaders Forum, we interview Renee Schembri. She reflects on improving the quality of inspectors within the Diamond network.

She added that it will be imperative for conveyancing and law firms to retain good staff with valuable experience and knowledge to navigate the coming industry reforms.

When talking to triSearch PR and Communications Executive, Daniel Hughes, he said:

Q. What were the main highlights and challenges of 2022?

Renee Schembri: A shrinking of the market has been challenging for us, after the “boom” as well as our inspectors.

This has given us the opportunity to ensure our National Inspector network is refined to include the best inspectors in the pre-purchase property report supply business.

The highlight is that the market always continues to produce results and will rise again with the Spring selling season, we have had the chance to catch our breath and are ready to hit the new season with passion and enthusiasm.

There has been others attempt alternative business models, which have left clients wanting better results.

This has enables us to gain access to more inspectors and in other areas to give us greater coverage across Australia.

Q. What will be the immediate focus for conveyancers in 2023?

RS: Our immediate focus is both for marketing campaigns towards new solicitors/conveyancer’s and real estate agents as well as continue to improve our processes and procedures to ensure we maintain the delivery of industry best practice customer service.

Q. What trends do you predict for the conveyancing industry in the next 12 months?

RS: Typically, strata managers are not as busy, therefore we are able to get the reports for our clients quicker than when it is a red-hot market.

The urgency for reports is still there, but not as frantic, and there is a lower FOMO feeling with purchasers to allow them the breathing space to perform their due diligence with such a large and important purchase.

Q. What is the most important advice you have for conveyancers for consideration in 2022?

RS: As always – keep good and experienced staff. It is imperative that law firms retain good staff who have accumulated experience and knowledge to be able to deal with the coming reforms successfully.

Economies are cyclical but good people are not. The recommendation of pre-purchase reporting is as vital as ever.

Read what other trends the leaders outlined in the 2022 Annual Leaders Forum by downloading your free The Conveyancing Handbook: A Guide to Success in 2023 now.

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