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Importance of an ‘About Us’ page for your website

About Us page for conveyancers.

While the About Us page on your conveyancing website may not make or break your client conversion, it will go a long way to establishing your reputation and business story.

Especially in an industry with no shortage of competition, having a clear, concise and, articulate page can draw your prospects attention, and keep them on your page.

Of course, the content of each About Us page will vary depending on your unique brand. But each About Us page should strive to include four elements:

  • How you started your brand
  • What makes you and your brand unique
  • What are your brand values and beliefs
  • Call to action (CTA) or why customers should choose you

Why Include an About Us

An About Us page or message is also your chance to establish a connection with your searchers.

Hypothetically, if a prospect searches for a ‘conveyancer near me’ through a search engine, sees your business name and clicks on it, your About Me page, will be your first opportunity to sell the values and story of your business.

It is an opportunity to create a narrative for your prospect to explain how you started, who you are, why you value their business, and why they should choose you.

Typically, this should be easily digestible, well laid out and include as little industry jargon as possible.

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