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How Thompson Geer Lawyers streamlined settlement administration

Streamlined operations with triSettle

In the world of corporate law, efficiency, accuracy, streamlined operations and cost-effectiveness are paramount. For Thompson Geer Lawyers, one of Australia’s leading independent corporate law firms, these principles form the foundation of their operations.

Specialising in the commercial and legal interests of companies, governments, and institutions, Thompson Geer boasts a diverse range of legal services.

triSearch utilises industry expert, SettleIT, to help you outsource your stamping, lodgement, and settlement admin.

Alexia Booth, Legal Administrative Assistant at TG Legal + Technology, spoke to SettleIT, explaining how Thompson Geer streamlined and enhanced the lodgment and registration processes for their legal matters by implementing SettleIT into their day-to-day operations and how this has benefitted both the firm and their valued clients.

SettleIT: When did your firm start using SettleIT and why?

Alexia Booth: “We began using SettleIT around two years ago for a variety of reasons, including to help us manage our constant flow of matters requiring registration, to double check our lodgments with the aim to reduce requisitions and the additional costs of requisitions, and therefore provide the best service for our clients (efficiency and a great costs/benefit ratio).”

S: How has using SettleIT benefited your firm and your clients?

AB: “SettleIT and it’s agents (in particular Susan Howard and Kristi Lawton who primarily support our team) have streamlined our process, meaning we are able to be more efficient and more cost effective for our clients.

“Susan and Kristi have often identified issues after documents were submitted for lodging, saving us from wasting time and paying for requisitions from LRS. I have personally benefitted a lot from working with SettleIT, Susan and Kristi, as they have been incredibly forthcoming and supportive, and offered great tips and education for our team (and particularly me).”

S: Are you satisfied with the service provided by SettleIT?

AB: “On a professional level, we are very satisfied with SettleIT and their agents. The service is quick, efficient, and easy to work with. We appreciate the support we receive when requisitions do arise to help us resolve the issue and have our documents lodged/registered.

“Susan and Kristi are professional and very knowledgeable, and certainly very willing to support us with our needs and (many) queries.

“On a personal level, I have gotten to know Susan and Kristi relatively well, and always enjoy our conversations.

“They are both incredibly kind and supportive, they both clearly care for their work and therefore always provide excellent service/help, and always make me feel better whenever I (inevitably) make an error or omit a required document/step. I believe that my job would be much, much harder without their support, so I am very grateful and look forward to continuing to work together.”

Thompson Geer’s partnership with SettleIT showcases how the right technology and support can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and strengthen client relationships. In an industry where precision and effectiveness are paramount, the synergy between Thompson Geer and SettleIT stands as a testament to the possibilities that can be achieved through innovation and collaboration.

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The SettleIT solution is a great way to improve productivity in your conveyancing business and to enable you or your team to take on more matters.

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