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How an eSettlement service can help you offer more of what clients are looking for

Conveyancing processes are now faster, cheaper and much more transparent, thanks to the introduction of electronic conveyancing. But it’s fair to say that there are still a few administrative jobs involved which take up a lot of valuable time.
Contacting councils and utility services, preparing forms and even setting up a new conveyancing workspace in Sympli and PEXA are just some of the tasks you’ll still need to be complete, but which don’t require the use of your professional skills. By using an eSettlement service provided by triSearch, you can hand over these manual tasks to our dedicated team who will undertake lodgement and settlement on your behalf.
One of the key benefits of using an eSettlement service is that you’ll have more time to spend focusing on offering clients the value-add they’re looking for. Here are some of the key characteristics clients usually look for in their conveyancers to help you evaluate your priorities, use of time and whether an eSettlement service is right for your business.
Delivering on deadlines
Whether it’s preparing contracts, setting meeting dates or completing forms, failing to meet deliverables within an agreed timeframe is likely to damage your integrity and reputation among clients. Similarly, showing an unwillingness to commit to deadlines could lead to poor client satisfaction and reduced confidence in your services.
Any strategy you can implement in your business to improve or guarantee reliability around deadlines could encourage those feelings of security and confidence that are incredibly important during high value conveyancing transactions.
Availability: Having time to listen and offer advice
When choosing a conveyancer (or deciding whether to engage the same conveyancer again), clients will want to make sure they’ll never be left out of the loop with what’s going on. Consequently, the most sought-after conveyancers are those who can find plenty of time to explain how procedures work as well as translate complex legal concepts into easy-to-digest facts and decisions.
Clients are much more likely to feel confident in your services if you make it clear from the outset that you have capacity to build in regular calls or in-person meetings to discuss progress or other matters relating to their transaction.
Affordable pricing
Any potential new client will be looking to balance your fees against the quality of services you provide. But business inefficiencies that inflate the costs you pass on to clients – such as too much professional time spent on admin tasks – could give the impression that you’re not delivering a good return for their money.
Simply, engaging a fixed fee eSettlement agent through triSearch could lower your overall cost of conveyancing which, in turn, could help you make your fees much more attractive and competitive in the market.
Knowledge and expertise
Before engaging a conveyancer to act on their behalf, clients might turn to your website or professional networking platforms to check your credentials, qualifications and experiences. So, in an industry where relationship building is vital and regulations are always changing, you could demonstrate higher levels of proficiency by prioritising more time for staff training.
Due to the nature of property transactions, situations and circumstances can change quickly, whether it’s owing to unforeseen property search results, adjustments to contract terms or postponed settlement dates (among others). As a conveyancer, you’ll need to be ready to handle all issues professionally and efficiently as they arise. The support of an eSettlement service might mean your business is better equipped to deal with shifting goalposts which might otherwise put extra strain on your workload.
There’s much more to conveyancing than simply ‘getting the job done’ from a technical perspective – it’s also important to demonstrate a range of human characteristics to instil trust and integrity. The challenge is, showing these qualities often requires additional time and attention which can be hard to come by alongside core business activities.

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