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Client Spotlight: Victorian Statewide Conveyancing (VSC) focuses on market growth

VSC Peter Gajanovic

In the first client spotlight, we focus on Victorian Statewide Conveyancing (VSC), Melbourne, which experienced its third year of unprecedented growth in 2021, recording a 37 per cent boost in conveyancing files compared to the year prior. 

It recorded this unprecedented year of growth despite a drop in property market sales for lengthy periods with many real estate agencies closing during Melbourne lockdowns. 

Director and Licensed Conveyancer, Peter Gajanovic said VSC was able to achieve the unprecedented growth by investing in its marketing and taking advantage of spikes in settlements during post-lockdown periods. 

“Twenty-nineteen was a great year and in 2020 we were up about 18 per cent on that. And this year (2021) we’ve gone 37 per cent up from last year.

The markets in Victoria have just been insane. But one of the things that we were able to do was to take some time to try and do some marketing, which we hadn’t had time to do previously,” Peter said. 

“The lockdowns and sudden surges in busy periods were by far the main challenges of the year. In Victoria, we were disadvantaged because we might not have been getting any new work coming in during the lockdown periods because obviously real estate agents weren’t open.

And then once we came out of lockdown, we would basically get our eight weeks-worth of work all in the first three weeks.” 

To help combat these surging busy periods, VSC also expanded its staff: “We hired more staff during COVID. We went for a seven staff pre-COVID to 10 staff now.

That’s enabled us to cope with it. There were times when we were working 16 and 17-hour days, but overall, we were generally coped with it,” Peter added. 

Positioned for Success in 2022 

He said that his focus for 2022 will now be strengthening VSC’s position in the market, with potential plans to expand on the cards as well. 

“We really want to consolidate what we’ve built over the last the last 18 months. That’s the main focus on where we’re at. It’s all about consolidation of the market share that we’ve got now. 

“Our plans change on a weekly basis. I was hoping to retire in four years and slip off into the sunset somewhere but in 2022, as well as consolidation, we’re looking at integrating in and purchasing a couple of other firms and bringing them into the business.

“If that works out, we might be forecasting four thousand transactions rather than three [thousand]. But there’s still a bit of water to go under that bridge yet.” 

Throughout its recent years of exceptional success, VSC has proudly been supported by triSearch.

Despite more than 22 years in the industry, it was with triSearch nearly four years-ago where Peter and his colleagues found the perfect fit for their search platform needs.  

He said: “We started using triSearch about three years-ago but before that I’ve used just about everything on the market. I’ve used InfoTrack, SI Global, Global X, I’ve used all the search providers. So, we thought we’d have a crack with you guys, and I can’t imagine for as long as I do conveyancing that I’ll use anything else. 

“The ease of use is by far the most notable change to come from joining triConvey. To have that integration with the searching and the property enquiries that go to a file immediately was a big, big game changer for us.” 

VSC make the Transition 

VSC also utilised Smokeball Conveyancer last year, which in September 2021, transitioned into the all-in-one $0 conveyancing software, triConvey.

Having been with triConvey since its launch, Peter explained the platform’s flexibility has been a great asset to his business’ ability to provide an efficient service. 

“It really has been a good experience transitioning from Smokeball into triConvey. It’s been by far the best system we’ve use. I can’t imagine that we would use anything else,” he said. 

“The triConvey system is relatively straightforward. It has all the information that you need to input and I like the fact that you can modify things.

“So, if you don’t need certain parcels in a file, you can remove them. But overall, the team love the system. It’s easy to use, it’s not difficult to train in.  

“We had someone join us recently that came across from a LEAP system previously, and within two or three days, she was fully functional on triConvey.” 

Advice for fellow Vic Conveyancers 

As VSC turns its attention to another successful year in partnership with triConvey, Peter passed on a final piece of advice for Victorian conveyancing firms yet to make the switch.  

He stated: “I’d say you’ve got to at least have a look at the package regardless of how long you’ve been using a different conveyancing system for. We’ve used everything bar LEAP and it’s by far the best system we’ve used. 

“For me, as I said earlier, it’s clearly the best conveyancing package available on the market for our business. And if you’re not using it or if you haven’t seen it yet, call someone to show you the product because it’s just so easy.” 

As part of this client spotlight, you can follow Peter’s advice by booking a free demonstration to see how triConvey can help you succeed, today. 

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