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Client Spotlight: MJM Conveyancing eye efficiency boost in pursuit of business growth

MJM Conveyancing Simone Lear

In our second client spotlight, we focus on MJM Conveyancing (MJM), which is turning its attention to improving business efficiency after successfully making the transition into conveyancing software, triConvey, late last year.

The sole conveyancing firm, practicing out of Morriset, NSW, is driven by a small team of successful individuals, lead by Director and Licensed Conveyancer, Simone Lear. Servicing the busy property market in the Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter, and Sydney areas, MJM is focusing on producing results faster in 2022 to ultimately produce a better client experience.

triSearch caught up with Simone recently, where she explained: “Our sole focus is to be more time efficient with our work. We’ve found that things can be done easier and a lot faster to produce a better service for our clients.”

She said MJM’s success since launching nearly four years-ago, has been built on principles of open communication.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service and keeping our clients up to date with communication. We find that they can never have too much communication.

“That’s our number one priority. Making sure that they know what’s going on all the time. And we are available after hours and weekends as well which they really appreciate.”

Due to its fast client development last year, MJM outgrew its previous software and finding that the system wasn’t keeping up to its speed and workflow needs. Simone highlighted triConvey as the solution, and transitioned into the new practice management software in December, 2021.

After a brief transition period of transferring contacts and precedents into triConvey, MJM was able to quickly catch-up to its workflow needs.

Even after becoming proficient in the software, Simone and the MJM team continue to learn more each day.

“So far we love it. Every day I reflect and am so glad we did this (transitioned intro triConvey),” she said.

“I’m forever discovering new tools within the software to a point where myself and our team have weekly meetings on all the secrets we discover each week. Every day we’re finding new things that are helpful.”

MJM Conveyancing face challenges with leading tech solutions

While there have been many challenges the conveyancing industry has had to overcome in the last two years, none have been more prominent than the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and MJM has been no exception.

Simone explains that of all challenges the firm has faced recently, not being able to function as a face-to-face practice has been the biggest hurdle to overcome, for all parties involved.

“It has been difficult for us and the clients, I find that when we do have those face-to-face contacts, the transaction flows a lot smoother, and the communication is a lot clearer.”

To overcome this challenge, MJM utilise Zoom meetings and placed more emphasis on email communication and eConveyancing tools.

“triVOI was also our favorite tool that we use to do the verification of identity.

“It’s easy for clients to use and it’s really cost effective. We were able to talk them through it. We preferred in office face-to-face VOI since alternatively, it is about $59 per person at the post office.”

Ideal software

triConvey is an ideal software for small, growing, and established conveyancing firms, with key integrations with eConveyancing tools, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office Suite, accounting software and a host of internal tools.

While triVOI remains a favoured product at MJM, the team also enjoy Communicate, its overall aesthetic and making live adjustments to documents using the Word Document integration.

As Simone explained: “I love using the communication tool, Communicate, and sending the text message to clients and agents. I like that you can convert the body text in a letter to an email.

“It’s really user friendly and easy on the eye to look at. You can easily find your documents or your forms that you’re looking for. It’s just quite simple. And that’s what we need when we’re working with such huge file loads and at a fast pace.

“I also like the live updates with documents, so if I’ve created a form for my client and their date of birth isn’t in there, I can just click on that side panel put their data both in and it fixes it rather than having to save, close, open, and redo everything.”

With its software and search solution solidified, MJM can now focus on improving its efficiencies and growth ambitions. With Simone eyeing the potential to open an additional office and add more staff in 2022.

As part of this client spotlight, you can follow Simone’s advice by booking a free demonstration to see how triConvey can help you succeed, today. 

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