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Benefits of ordering property enquiries through a search platform

Conveyancers conducting property enquiries in the office.

A Property Enquiries or Property Certificates are used for the sale, purchase and development of land and has become infinitely more efficient to order through an information broker in recent years.

Historically, all Certificates were obtained directly through councils until the introduction of Information Brokers a few years ago.

triSearch has developed relationships with multiple Councils across the country to be able to deliver our clients the best possible service and turnaround times when it comes to ordering Property Enquiries.

Below is a number of benefits associated with ordering property enquiries through triSearch.

Property enquiries convenience

With triSearch you can conduct all your due diligence through the one convenient platform, without the need to visit different authorities. Using triSearch allows you to put that time that you would have spent chasing authorities and councils back into your day.

By leveraging market-leading technology, triSearch clients can order all property enquiries, searches and certificates and have them compiled into a digital contract in just a few clicks.

You also get the option to add any special conditions or other documents you want to add, with the ability to re-order where necessary. Your contract will then save within the platform and be sent to you directly, so you can access it and forward it on whenever you require.

Proactive chasing team

Quite often, delays in Councils means a delay in Settlement for your client. Waiting for Certificates to be returned and chasing them up can be a frustrating and time-consuming exercise for Conveyancers. triSearch have teams on hand to proactively chase these Certificates for you.

Simply order your Certificate through the triSearch platform and you will be quoted a return date. Our team will follow up with Councils to ensure the Certificates are returned by this date, saving you the time and hassle. Being confident on when you will have your contract ready means you can confidently manage your client’s expectations.

Additionally, triSearch has some of the fastest Council Certificate Return times in the industry, around 30 per cent faster than most of our competitors.

We know how irritating it can be when you run into problems with technology and you can’t get a hold of any support teams. With triSearch, we have teams on-hand to make sure every single enquiry is resolved, with 85 per cent of issues resolved on first contact.

Easily captured disbursements

When it comes time to calculate disbursements, we have a one-touch fee summary that will pull up all the fees relating to one matter, ready to pass onto your clients or easily reconcile.

This means you don’t need to waste time manually calculating all the costs involved in your matter,

By saving time on your due diligence through triSearch, you’ll have more time to spend on using your professional skills for higher-value work such as negotiating and drafting agreements and winning new business.

To see the benefits of utilising a search platform like triSearch to order your property enquiries, book a demonstration with our experts.

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