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A Guide to triSettle: The 6 part-process

Powered by SettleIT, the triSettle solution is a great way to improve productivity in your conveyancing business and to enable you or your team to take on more matters.

In this short six part-process, you’ll learn how to place an order with triSettle to handle all your settlement administration.

triSettle Guide

Read how your settlement expert will complete your settlement on your behalf.

Engaging with a triSettle expert allows you to outsource your time consuming settlement administration tasks, while maintaining complete control and approval of the process. In addition to the simple six step process you’ll experience, triSettle also boasts a host of benefits to your firm, including:

  • Engage with experts in settlements,
  • Achieve greater productivity at your firm,
  • ELNO workspace provided, 
  • Maintain client relations, and more.